Yosemite National Park Facts: How To Visit And Where To Stay

Yosemite National Park Facts

Anyone who has considered making a good route through California. Leaving aside the parks located in Utah or Arizona, cannot leave the well-known Yosemite National Park. In this article, we discuss Yosemite national park facts and how to visit and where to stay?

It is most illustrative mountain called El Capitan. It has given the name to an operating system well known by Apple lovers and that his photography was by default on the cover of any computer.

Yosemite national park facts

Yosemite is one of the first open parks in the United States and is not known only for its mountains. Even approach the beauty of its vast and calculated waterfalls, the glaciers have been shaping, a park made of pure granite. A sanctuary for any lover of photography, hiking, and especially the most extreme climbers.

Yosemite National Park Facts
Yosemite National Park Hill and waterfall

The main fact of the Yosemite is that you have to be careful with bears. They visible at any time of the day, they will be hiding, among giant sequoias and it is not that the park is very concentrated. On the contrary, it’s more than 3000 km. They give a free line to the wildlife, and that nature takes its course, without hardly noticing the human presence. Because yes, Yosemite National Park has seen between its bridges and groomed roads, well-marked trails and well-equipped information booths. I think it must be recognized that they have managed to exploit a tiny part of the park. The rest of the rich ecosystem is not affected.

How to visit the park?

It is simple and intuitive. I will be very insistent, but always have to go through the Visitor Center (Not where you pay), to get a good map and information about our hours or days to visit, to give it to the Ranger on duty, and can advise us of the trails, duration, and difficulty. Be conscious if you are visiting with teens or tweens. Walking through Yosemite is not easy. In the summer months, the heat tightens, and as much as you see the river circulating beside us, the sources of drinking water are somewhat scarce.

Yosemite National Park Facts

Upper Yosemite Fall: An exciting excursion will take us to the most famous waterfall. It is hard and the hours to complete it back and forth are from 6 to 10.

Lower Yosemite Fall: Those who do not want or cannot go to the Upper, quiet that you will see in a walk of about 20 minutes the lowest waterfall. It is wonderful Easy level.

Vernal and Nevada Falls: They are part of the famous Mist Trail, one of the most popular routes. Walk it until the first fall; it will not take us more than 3 hours, get to the second about 5 hours. Easy level the first point. Moderate level to reach the second waterfall.

Panorama Trail:  Another great classic that although not enjoying the fame of the previous one is very beautiful and complete. Be late for 6 to 8 hours.

Mirror Lake:  This one I did not do, but they told me it was nice but not as much as in Vernal Fall. The duration is 4 hours.

There are about 16 routes marked. Depending on the weather and the forces, you could even stay a week in the park making new trails. Others are outside the information on paper. But if you ask, you will see how other more hidden paths open up.

Travel it by car or by bus?

Many parks in the United States, have free buses (paying the entrance to the park. I do not know why they say free shuttle), where you can transit and clear areas of possible traffic jams. In some, even the entrance of vehicles is prohibited. I advise you to leave the car parked near a bus stop and take the map and get off where you want to start your walk. There are 19 strategic stops, very well positioned and indicated.

Can you do without excursions?

Yes. A clear example is the Captain, who is visible on the highway. Yosemite admits all kinds of people, from children to the elderly. The viewpoints do not exist as in other parks. Here it is more natural and has not mounted walkways to spoil the walls or peaks of the colossal mountains.

Yosemite National Park Facts
Peak of the Yosemite Mountain

How to arrive and where to stay?

Sleep in Mariposa or Sonora to save prices. I would prefer to sleep closer, but the rates are impossible. The reservations are tough to make and need several months in advance. To avoid running out of bed, you can sleep in the beautiful town of Mammoth Lakes.

The route from Butterfly to Yosemite. Highway 140. 70 kilometers.

A route to Mammoth Lakes. Highway 120 and then the 395. 167 kilometers.

The route from Sonora to Yosemite. Highway 120. 115 kilometers.

Fundamental tips:

  • You have to carry water. Do not pull ahead without an anticipation of arrival. The roads are often hard and the hurried causes of accidents.
  • The climbing is prohibited.
  • You must refuel before arriving at the park. There are no service stations inside the park and the one that is outside; the price is sky high.
  • Parking at the beginning and catching the bus. You will avoid going looking for parking where there is not.
  • Enjoy the views and do not think about covering as much as possible. In the long run, you will not enjoy it. You will regret not having taken your fifteen minutes to admire an almost unique landscape in the country.

You must make the road that takes us to Yosemite National Park by day, both on the way and on the way back. The road is beautiful and the sighting of bears while you are at the wheel, very easy. The distances are deceptive and the mountain passes are slow to do. Driving in the United States at night is not a good idea. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading Yosemite national park facts.

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