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Tremendous, Taunton Town History.

Taunton is a Town located on the River Tone that can trace its proud history back to the Bronze and Iron Ages and was the site of a Roman settlement. In much more recent history, in 2006 to be exact, Taunton was decreed as strategically important and the council received a massive regeneration fund for […]

Reasons to Explore Your Local Area in Retirement

While the cliche of retirement travel is the luxurious cruise or round the world trip, it is important to realise that you have a limited universe because most of us have a limited budget. Most of the time, you are limited to the confines of your local town and surrounding areas. There are many reasons […]

Mobility Issues – Causes and Treatment

Mobility issues are common for people with a range of health conditions, including ageing and physical disability. While some people do not experience mobility problems, others experience significant impairments. This article discusses some of the most common disabilities, as well as the causes and treatment options. By following these tips, you can get the best […]

Advantages of Booking a Self Catering Holiday

A number of benefits exist when booking self-catering accommodation compared to an all-inclusive holiday. For one thing, self-catering accommodation tends to be cheaper per person. Self-catering accommodation also means that you are not tied to a strict meal schedule or subject to noisy and crowded hotel restaurants. This means you can enjoy a more relaxing […]