Activities in spring to do as a family

Spring is here, and with it the longest and sunniest days when you want to make plans outdoors or rainier days when you just want to rest at home. In order to enjoy this season, we have compiled some of the best spring activities to do as a family . Walks, crafts, sports… Anything is possible at this time of year! The most important thing is to find a plan with which you can have a good time as a family, enjoy the good weather that spring offers us and, why not, learn new things. What plan do you stay with?

Pottering in the garden

With the arrival of spring, it is time to fine-tune our outdoor spaces. Preparing the terrace, balcony or garden is an activity that can be done as a family and that will help you work as a team. How to make that arrangement? Planting new flowers in pots or planters, fertilizing them, or pruning the existing ones can be a very fun plan in which the little ones will also learn the different types of plants and their care. And as a result: a beautiful space to enjoy spring.

Walk outdoors

Outdoor walks are one of the best activities to do during spring days. Looking for routes through the countryside, hiking in the mountains or taking a walk by the sea is a great idea to disconnect and be in contact with nature while you practice some sport. In addition, with the walks you will be able to discover new places or discover new species of fauna and flora, something that will also add entertainment and learning to the walk.

Sunday by bike

There is nothing more pleasant than enjoying a spring day outdoors. Therefore, we recommend an activity suitable for the whole family, with which you will spend an excellent day. We propose you a Sunday by bike, to be able to discover new places either in the mountains , near the sea , in the countryside or in the city . The idea is to be able to enjoy the outdoors and good weather. In addition, it will be fun to be able to look for new routes to discover new places and if you also take some sandwiches to make the most of the day… You will have a much better time!


If we continue with natural activities, another very good activity is to make a garden at home . You can make a small urban garden or allocate a part of your terrace or garden, in case you have it, to be able to plant some seeds and be able to grow your own vegetables. In addition to being an outdoor activity, the little ones will be able to learn the growing process , where the vegetables come from and will have an added responsibility. It’s a great family activity!

Take the first ice cream

With the first days of spring the first days of heat also arrive , summer is closer and we want to enjoy more of the street and the natural spaces. To enjoy a different day with your family, you can go out for the first ice cream of the season . Whether in the city or on the beach, this is always a delicious plan that will please young and old alike.

Visit a new park

What is more fun than a day at the park with the children? With the arrival of good weather it is an activity that you always want to do and in which the little ones will have a great time. If you have already seen all the parks in your area, perhaps it is time to explore new parks or even go to an amusement park , something that will add much more adrenaline and fun to this day with the family. Ideal for enjoying the good spring weather outdoors .

Cook a new recipe

With the arrival of spring come the longest days and more moments of sun, but also some rainy days when you don’t feel like leaving the house. Just for those days, we have a proposal for you: one of the best activities to enjoy with the family at home is in the kitchen. You can try to cook a new recipe based on seasonal products , which you can share later for lunch, snack or dinner.

You can cook typical desserts of the spring season, such as donuts or French toast, so that the little ones can also discover certain culinary traditions . It can also be a good time to prepare a cake or make a special recipe. Thanks to the kitchen, you will spend moments with your family , you will learn to work as a team and the children will be able to discover new and delicious foods.

Paint easter eggs

Spring is synonymous with Easter, so a good activity to do as a family is to paint the traditional Easter eggs. For this you will need creativity, originality, eggs and paints. But how to decorate Easter eggs ? You have two options, either you prepare the eggs for a specific decoration, making hard-boiled eggs, or you empty them to have a permanent decoration . Once you have prepared the eggs, all you have to do is dye them with food coloring or paint the eggs in the colors that you like the most. You can draw on them or decorate them with ribbons, felt, flowers, sequins… With this very spring activity you will be able to spend a perfect weekend .

Pick flowers

There is nothing more spring than flowers, so we propose a new activity where they are the protagonists. On this occasion, we suggest you go out to pick flowers in the field with which you can later carry out numerous activities inside the home. For example, you can create a bouquet of flowers and decorate a beautiful vase, prepare a flower crown to dress up later, or even prepare a collage with natural elements. Crafts with flowers will allow you to enjoy the outdoors, because you will have to go pick them up, like a few hours inside the house with your family. Do you dare?


And another essential activity to do with the arrival of good weather is to go on a picnic, an ideal plan to enjoy with family or friends both in the countryside and on the beach or even in an urban park. Any nice place or natural space is ideal for a family picnic. What will you need? A tablecloth, a picnic basket to transport the food and drinks you want and all the desire to enjoy the outdoors in spring. The children will enjoy playing and you will be able to relax while you savor the spring days. It’s all a plan!

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