Things you Should know for Travel in DUBAI at Low Price

Traveling in DUBAI

Here are some tips so you can take advantage of your stay and travel in DUBAI the low price. If on the other hand, you decide to hire an agency to manage your visit. You should know that the prices are high but the possibilities are higher.

Trave in DUBAI

The subwayTraveling in DUBAI

Undoubtedly the star transport to travel in Dubai. They pass less often than desired and during peak hours they fill up to the top. Women have their car, to avoid contact with men. This will serve to not go so overwhelmed and wider. A rechargeable card purchased at any information point will make us move with complete freedom. Remember to pass it when entering and leaving. My advice is that if you can get ahead to admire the city as it opens. Having no driver and being fully automated, only a crystal will separate you from futuristic views. The trip is depending on the chosen stop.

Buses: Simple and cheapTraveling in DUBAI

The buses are correct and the card system is the same as the metro. A lot of places you will not reach by the Skyline. Take a map of the airport where all the lines come out, observe well and go ahead with everything you can visit.

Tourist bus

A good option if you want to go down in the most important points of the map. There are two types: one that circulates through the city and another that makes the area of the beaches. The price is abusive, about 250 dirham per 24 hours. If that is not a problem for your pockets, it may be the best option to see the maximum in the minimum amount of time. Read the diary of a traveler in CARTAGENA.

TaxisTraveling in DUBAI

They are everywhere. Cheap and clean. You can agree on the price or put the meter. The distances in Dubai are great. Often we are not aware how far things are going.


Emirates AirlinesTraveling in DUBAI

Do not ask me why, but it was one of the worst plane trips I’ve ever made. When going to the USA, the food was insufferable. Three hours in advance, it is impossible to get a window or hallway. On the way to Dubai, a cockroach was showing up in my hand. Disinfectants as an air freshener leave passengers half suffocated before taking off. The sympathy in the staff shines by its absence. I have been very surprised, is for many, the best company that currently crosses the skies of our planet.

How much you are going to spend:

Depending on the days we have, or the money we have, Dubai can be as fun as we want. Luxury is the national pastime. The hobbies to spend money in all the theme parks, in the arcades or in the most restaurants in the city, make us lose the north, those of us who come with the clothes. The prices are high. The tickets are unreachable. A ticket to enter a passage of terror, close to 200 dirhams. A theme park, 360 dirhams.

There are hotels for all tastes and costs. Try to include breakfast in the package you previously booked. The prices of these are abusive, exceeding 80 dirhams. The fees they charge are never included in the price we will carry in our reserve paper.

The food, it may be the equivalent to the USA. We have franchises for all the shopping centers, being able to lower the budget to more moderate pockets. If the money decreases during your stay, you will always stay with the desire to go to the bars of drinks, where the Jet Set is taking cocktails impossible to pronounce.

The entrance to the Burj Kalifa is approximately 300 dirhams per person and only gives you the right to go up to the 124 and 125 floors. Enough to admire the colossal city as it grows unstoppably between the desert and the sea. If you go at sunset, the price increases. If you want to go up to the 200th floor, the budget goes off, reaching a sum not suitable for many people.

What to visit:

We can think that in only three days we can take advantage of this city. It is not like this. An Internet search with the essential places of Dubai will leave us confused with the innumerable options that it offers. I put the ones I did for comfort, going very just on time. A few months ago we visit Danxia and li river in China.

Burj KhalifaBurj Khalifa

The most famous of all the hotels in Dubai. Emulating a gigantic concrete sail and glass, this sumptuous place is not lacking a prior payment to see inside. Here people of very well-off class, arriving to pay for a single night 2000 USD. This building inspired by its architect in a flower has a curious needle shape that shoots into the clouds. It is the tallest building in the world. At 828 meters, it defies the laws of gravity. From the 124th and 125th floors, you can see the city at your feet. Who can climb the 200 and pay the exaggerated entry, do it? The tickets are taken online. Do not go directly without having bought it. They will tell you that they are sold out and will want to sell the most expensive one that is around 500 dirhams. If what happens to me, look for a travel in Dubai agency in Dubai Mall and get it in about ten minutes without prior reservation and at the same price as online.

Mall of EmiratesMall of Emirates

The greatness of the buildings, will not leave anyone indifferent. The lives in the hottest months are developed within these macro worlds, adapted to give fun to everyone. Sometimes, it borders on a rough surrealism. His obsession to want to be the best in everything touches with unattainable limits in the short term. The tacky goes hand in hand with the most brazen luxury. In this shopping center, we can see a ski slope. With its penguins, its chairlifts and a snow that seems imported from the alpine peaks. The stores, the corridors, the escalators, the recreational halls, make this complex, a small city, which shelters under the inclement sun of the summer months.

Dubai MallDubai Mall

If in the previous one we had a ski resort, in this one, we will find a gigantic ice rink to skate. If you ask me which one is bigger, I would not know what to say. Going through them in its entirety is almost impossible. Dubai Mall is known as the gateway to the Burj Khalifa. Its external sources with a beautiful lake, surrounded by a beautiful city with high-level restaurants, makes us stay longer than necessary. The musical shows with the sources of all performance, work all day, every short interval of time.

Mall Ibn Battuta

Mall Ibn Battuta

Yes. Another one. But this one is different from the rest. Some may find it very pretentious, but I liked it. Based on ancient civilizations and countries of the world, we can walk around inside, changing the scenery and hallucinating with the taste that has decorated it. We can find Egypt, Tunisia, Andalusia, Persia, India, and China. Each one has its main hall, where we find boats, elephants, temples and a myriad of details that have cost a million. Here we will see how travel in Dubai does not repair expenses. Walking through its stores, why not say it, is a joy. Attentive to Tunisia. I loved it.

Atlantis the palmAtlatis the palm dubai

It goes without saying that travel in Dubai is well known for its artificial palm trees built as islands in the sea. This mega construction that houses mansions for the richest on the planet can be seen in a certain way. If we take the metro and connect the skyline that takes us to the famous Atlantis hotel, we will see private beaches on both sides of the car. The Atlantis is a luxurious hotel that serves as the entrance to a huge water park incomparable to none seen by me. Luxury is latent in every detail. If you have time and money, it is a fun option to fight against the summer heat, between swims by the most impressive artificial rivers of this country.

Hotel Mina A’SalamHotel Mani A'Salam

The Impressive complex that imitates a modern Venice with Arabic style. Its channels run through its beautiful structure. Its views towards the hotel Vela (Burj Al Arab), are unbeatable.

Marina BayMarina Bay dubai

An essential both day and night. Its yachts, its canals, and skyscrapers as a backdrop give this urban landscape a futuristic touch. Walking at noon is crazy (I did it in September). At night we can enjoy your environment better, why not say it, very posh.

These are some ideas of what we can do in Dubai. Of course, the options are much more numerous. We can fly in a balloon, swim with dolphins, walk through the desert in 4 × 4, do fishing in brand new boats, and fly by helicopter between the skyscrapers that touch the clouds, rent jet skis, and make a break of just one day to see the largest mosque in the country or jump by parachute.

In short

Dubai does not play with the flexibility of many countries. We can honestly, almost without spending money, walk through its shopping centers. Its streets in the Gold Souk, go to the fish market or park our ass in the artificial Venice, next to the Hotel Burj Al Arab. Travel in Dubai happily.


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