Reflections Road To Yosemite From Oakland To Sonora

Yosemite From Oakland To Sonora

Leaving Oakland and entering the interior of California sounds like a joke. Since the cold mornings, we have run into the torrid heat of these regions. The arid lands, dying of hunger with dying foliage shining like gold, for lack of water, will mark a path full of attractions to stop inevitably.

Nobody dares to mark with a cross on their map, or Sonora, nor the route that runs between the small town and the feta sister of San Francisco, Oakland. I will ignore the advice to take a travel website, and I will not be so objective with today and I’m going to let a little take the experience of the day.

Yosemite From Oakland To Sonora

Yosemite From Oakland To Sonora
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On the way to Yosemite, there is no choice but to sleep near the Yosemite national park. From San Francisco or Las Vegas, the six-hour road is assured. Mariposa offers accommodation at a high price, but the distance to the entrance of Yosemite is only 70 kilometers. For the laggards like me, Sonora, it is a very viable option. Although it is 117 kilometers away, the time to plant there consists of only two hours of winding road.

But let’s not waste the day just traveling and going further, where the road will open like a fan before our eyes. This is North America, and there is always the option to surprise us after each curve.

During our route, we will go through lakes, with deep gorges and impossible prey. Choosing the right detour is a matter of choosing one at random. The towns that we will go through, will remind you more of a movie western, than the California that many have in the lead, with surfers and dreamy beaches. The farms are part of a beautiful landscape, with hundreds of heads of cattle. The typical towns, where they persist in encharging their most authentic customs, will appear as we swallow kilometers driving.

The simplicity of everything is so fluid

Yosemite From Oakland To Sonora
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The route is not forced and Sonora, will not be marked on our map as a destination to reach as quickly as possible. If we throw bravely, we could even get to Mariposa. The mountain passes, deceptive because of the low altitude, are dangerously steep, leaving on our right a chasm of the charred brush after the last fire, I suspect, not long ago.

The arrival at Mariposa, in itself, is not important. The four houses and expensive hostels for Sunday, eager to get to Yosemite Park, will make you turn around, to return to enjoy those cliffs that die in a green and enigmatic river, to return back to Sonora.

In Sonora

More of the same. Better connected, it leaves for the most imaginative the places barely existing, but that counts on neighboring towns like Jamestown VA, full of charm for its reduced size and its wooden houses in the purest western style.

Without a doubt, a day that could have been forgotten. In the end, I decided to share with you.

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