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Advantages of Booking a Self Catering Holiday

A number of benefits exist when booking self-catering accommodation compared to an all-inclusive holiday. For one thing, self-catering accommodation tends to be cheaper per person. Self-catering accommodation also means that you are not tied to a strict meal schedule or subject to noisy and crowded hotel restaurants. This means you can enjoy a more relaxing […]

What a first impression to make

We are always being told that first impressions count and that not only applies to how we are in person, the way we conduct ourselves but also the environment we are in.  Whether it be if you are looking to sell a home with the support of conveyancing solicitors Rugby based Sam Conveyancing or in […]

What is a Market Town and Why Should You Visit One?

If you’re looking for a quintessentially English day out then you’d do well to consider the wonderful market towns available across the country. A market town is a small, rural town that has the legal right to hold a weekly market. Famous market towns include Halifax in West Yorkshire, Yeovil in Somerset, and Dorchester in […]

The Influences of the Romans on Britain

The history of Britain is a long and complex one – with many invasions and changes made over the centuries, much of our modern world in Britain is made up from past influences and events. One of the largest changes to life in the UK came with the Roman invasion in 43 AD. For over […]

The Spooky Stories of Oystermouth Castle in Swansea

Swansea is a city that has it all – from the many historical sights which date back centuries, to the modern facilities and businesses in the area like this web design Swansea based company As well as this, Swansea is well known for its beautiful beaches which attract many people each year who are […]

Three Cultural Things to Enjoy in Bath

Bath is one of the most popular English towns to visit – a thriving and modern town that is home to many shops and businesses like Bath accountants Chippendale and Clark, it is also a town that is bursting with history and there is plenty to explore locally, a lot of which is within easy […]

A History of Dublin Castle

One of the most popular capital cities in Europe for a weekend trip is Dublin – it is bursting with things to do, with beautiful country walks in close proximity, as well as fantastic places to eat – for example Italian restaurants in Dublin such as and of course you cannot go on a […]