18 sights in Rome that you can see without tourists

sights in Rome

Is it possible to enjoy Rome without feeling that you are surrounded by tourists everywhere? Although you do not believe it. From own experience, I can affirm that it is possible. It is easier than you imagine. We are talking about a city that attracts millions of visitors every year and more than one will be looking for the same as you: a quiet corner. But if you dare to walk without fear of losing yourself and get away from the usual routes, I assure you that Rome will pleasantly surprise you.

As an example, I share these attractions of the eternal city that I think can be equally interesting, but are less crowded and, therefore, can be enjoyed with some peace of mind without having to leave at 3 in the morning to get it.

sights in Rome

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18 sights in Rome

1.- Maxxi Museum:

Maxxi Museum

The National Museum of the Arts of the 21st Century, designed by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid and inaugurated in 2010, is the first in Italy dedicated not only to contemporary art but also to architecture and photography. It has a file of more than 50,000 projects and 25,000 images. Close on Mondays.

2.- Piazza Vittorio Market:

Piazza Vittorio Market

It is in the Esquilino neighborhood and is one of the oldest markets in the Italian capital. Ideal for a morning visit.

3 .- Protestant Cemetery:

Protestant Cemetery

It was opened in the eighteenth century to give a place of eternal rest to non-Catholic foreigners who lived in Rome. Here rest familiar characters like the poet John Keats, Percy Shelley, a son of Goethe and Gregory Corso.

4.- Ponte Milvio:

Ponte Milvio

Little known among foreigners until the Italian writer Federico Moccia made it fashionable after publishing A 3 meters above the sky and I’m looking forward to you. In 2012 the council decided to remove the locks that hundreds of couples had hung, after throwing the key to the river Tiber so that that love would last forever.

5.- Church of Santa Maria Immacolata and Museum of the Capuchins:

Museum of the Capuchins

This temple, dating from the 17th century, is close to the famous Via Veneto and houses masterpieces of artists such as Caravaggio, Guido Reni, and Antonio Sacchi, among others. However, if something calls attention is the crypt-museum that is decorated with the skeletal remains of more than 4 thousand capuchin monks.

6.- Church of Santa María:

Church of Santa María

If you decide to visit the crypt of the Capuchins, you will also want to go near this temple. Since the seventeenth century, more than 8,000 bodies have been buried here, abandoned in the streets or on the Tiber River. The church is decorated with some skulls and skeletons. 18 places in Rome that you can see without tourists (or almost) I recommend you visit the Trastevere neighborhood in the mornings if you want to avoid tourists

7.- Church of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere:

Church of Santa Cecilia

Although the whole neighborhood of Trastevere deserves to be visited. Take advantage of the mornings, when there are hardly any people. The church dates from the 9th century and admission are free, although you have to pay an entrance to see some of its treasures, such as the frescoes by Cavallini.

8.- Isola Riverina:

Isola Riverina

It is the smallest inhabited island in the world. It is connected to the Trastevere district by the Ponte Fabricio, the oldest bridge in Rome still standing (year 62 BC).

9.- Piazza Cavalieri di Malta:

Piazza Cavalieri di Malta

It costs a bit to get there, but the walk is pleasant, there are few people, and you can admire the Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica from a different perspective: through the keyhole. 18 places in Rome that you can see without tourists (or almost) Rome and St. Peter’s Basilica seen through a lock in the Plaza of the Knights of Malta

10.- Orange Garden:

Orange Garden

Located on Mount Aventino, between Piazza Cavalieri di Malta and Roseto Comunale. From here you can see one of the least common and most relaxing views of the city, especially at sunset.

11.- Roseto Comunale:

Roseto Comunale

A public garden with more than 1,200 species of roses from all corners of the world. It only opens from May to October, but the entrance is free and is like a haven of peace. 48 HOURS IN ROME ESCAPING FROM TOURISTS The Roseto Comunale opens from May to October and brings together more than 1,200 varieties of roses

12.- Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin:

Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin

It is considered one of the best medieval churches in Rome, although most visitors stay at the entrance to take the photo before the Bocca della Verità (Boca de la Verdad).

13.- Piazza del Popolo:

Piazza del Popolo

Impressive square at one end of Via del Corso where executions were carried out during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Here you will see 2 seemingly twin baroque churches – Santa Maria dei Miracoli and Santa Maria in Montesanto -, and the Flaminio Obelisk, dedicated to Ramses II and brought from Heliopolis (under Egypt)

14.- San Lorenzo neighborhood:

San Lorenzo neighborhood

It is the university district of Rome, although it is also known as the “red” neighborhood of the city, because of its communist past and because here it was tried to stop the March on Rome, promoted by Benito Mussolini in 1922. At present, it has a rather bohemian and alternative atmosphere.

15.- Church of San Pietro in Vincoli:

Church of San Pietro

If you are a lover of art, you can not miss your list because here you will have the opportunity to admire the Renaissance sculpture of “The Moses” by Michelangelo, central figure of the tomb of Pope Julius II.

16.- Church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva:

Church of Santa Maria

Built on a pagan temple dedicated to the goddess Minerva, hence the Sopra Minerva, this is one of the minor basilicas of Rome and probably the only Gothic church in the capital.

17.- The Jewish Quarter and the Fountain of the Turtles:

The Jewish Quarter and the Fountain of the Turtles

The neighborhood of narrow streets, curious corners, and attractive culinary offer. However, people often stop by without spending a lot of time. Perhaps because of the sad past that is still perceived in the Roman ghetto. One of its most interesting points in the Fountain of the Turtles, in Mattei Square. ROME. 48 HOURS ESCAPING FROM TOURISTS Piazza Mattei. Detail of the Fountain of the Turtles. The original turtles were stolen in 1979, so these are a copy

18.- Quartiere de Coppede

Quartiere de Coppede

The Roman residential neighborhood that stands out for its set of 17 villas and 26 mansions built in the late of the nineteenth and early of twentieth centuries, with a mixture of styles ranging from brushstrokes of the baroque, through Mannerism and Art Deco.

The set rises around Piazza Mincio, and it is recommended to enter through Tagliamento street to admire the spectacular entrance arch. Do not miss the Fontana delle Rane (Fountain of frogs) in the center of the square. A visit on my list of essentials for when I return to Rome.

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