21 cheapest place to fly: Choose your own destination

Are you finding the cheapest place to fly? Did you know that it is possible to travel quite well for around 25 dollars a day in some places around the world? If you have always had doubts about how people can travel for months until they return home, this is the answer you were looking for.

There are many people today who are looking for cheap places to spend their holidays or to live for a while, the beauty of life is enjoying and knowing other places, other cultures and other ways of thinking.

If you have come here looking for a place to go on vacation, you are in the right place because I have prepared for you a top with a lot of interesting things to organize your next trip, from the cheapest places to travel to a lot of cheap flights without the destination.

21 cheapest place to fly

cheapest place to fly

If you want to know where to go on vacation this year in this list of countries to visit we will see some of the cheapest places around the world to travel. You will also have a low-cost holiday, which is cheap does not mean they are not incredible. Many of these destinations will leave you in love, prepare to live the experience of these countries to visit necessarily.

1. Thailand • One of the most wanted cheap destinations in 2018


If you want to have a cheap vacation is the first destination that you should have in mind, many of you will ask “Hey, Thailand? It’s not supposed to be a destination that is becoming very touristy and is becoming a little more expensive each year? “, to see, it is true that Thailand increasingly focuses on luxury and mass tourism, but that does not mean that it loses its award as a country backpacker par excellence. If you avoid spending all your time in the most touristic places like the southern beaches (Samui, Krabi or Phu ket)) and you are willing to discover really interesting areas such as the north of the country, I am sure you will be able to travel very cheaply.

Take a night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai for about 15 dollars and you will soon realize how affordable Thailand can be. It is true that you will not have as much beach as in the south. You can still enjoy incredible places and wonderful people. Also, tourism to the north of Thailand is something that is becoming quite famous.

Undoubtedly, the north of Thailand is much cheaper than the south, both in food and accommodation, as a general rule you will enjoy a cooler climate and in addition you should not detract from the south of Thailand which is still one of the cheap tourist destinations that Most countries in Europe or North America if you know how to move.

2. Indonesia • If we talk about cheap countries to travel this is one of them


In the top 2 of this list of cheap places to travel is Indonesia with Bali as the main tourist destination of this country formed by lots of islands to visit every day. The perfect place for a low-cost holiday. If you only stay near Kuta and Legion ( beach areas near the airport), you will surely find the same prices as in Western countries. These places usually attract surfers and high budget tourists from Australia. So, it is normal that they try to get the most benefit. They are areas with exciting nightclubs, hostels built expressly for this type of tourism and stores of well-known brands in the world of surfing.

You have somewhat cheaper places to visit like Lombok or the island of Sumatra, but beyond these places to go on vacation the most adventurous traveler can find tons of areas that are still outside of tourism and enjoy an authentic Indonesian life.

3. Cambodia • Cheap travel is possible in it


Following the list of places to go on a cheap holiday is Cambodia is giving much to talk about lately, many expatriates affectionately call it “The new Thailand” and is that this country still retains many characteristic features of Thailand that fell in love at the time and that with the passage of time is becoming a country in which capitalism and consumerism are taking their toll on the population.

When I talk about Cambodia I’m probably talking about the cheapest country in the continental part of Southeast Asia , it’s also one of the poorest, so for some things you should have more patience, like for example, local transport, it’s likely that Travel in old buses or minivans but once you get to your destination you can enjoy comfort for very little .

Also, we must not forget that Cambodia was a French colony, so the Gallic country left part of its legacy in the area, something that you can check part of its cuisine, is a country that is growing by leaps and bounds because it is becoming very tourist , we must not forget that the temples of Angkor Wat are serious candidates to be one of the seven wonders of the world and is that this country also has paradisiacal tropical beaches, good food, friendly people and a lot of parties. What more can you ask for a vacation? One of the cheapest places to travel.

4. Nepal • Shooting tourism to this Asian destination


Are you looking for cheap countries? Well this time I ‘m talking about Nepal I’m talking about one of the best places in the world to do mountain trekking , something that is very successful among the most lively backpackers , despite the distance on the routes of the Himalayas you can find many Teahouses or countryside on the road where you stop to eat, sleep or rest a bit.

It is home to eight of the ten highest peaks in the world and is a great option for those who want a more adventurous trip, although you can also choose to relax in Kathmandu and now more than ever is a country that needs tourism to be able to recover from the earthquake in Nepal that he suffered at the end of April.

5. Nicaragua • One of the countries in South America that will have the most to talk about


A country that for many years has suffered from political and civil instability, but nowadays Nicaragua is a stable country open to tourism and increasingly popular, possibly at this moment, it is the cheapest destination in Central America competing very closely with Guatemala and Honduras.

If your neighbor Costa Rica is out of budget then do not worry because Nicaragua is the perfect alternative , the prices are similar to those you’ll find in a lot of Southeast Asia as long as you look for authentic places in the country and not areas that are Owned by Westerners, it is a country that is becoming quite famous among backpackers and which is worth visiting. Nicaragua is without a doubt one of the cheapest places to travel.

6. India • An incredible place to enjoy your cheap vacations


Do you want to know places to go on a cheap vacation? Well, here you have a very cheap country with an incredible culture to discover so far away that we are used to every day can give you a new surprise, it is a huge country, and the price difference between the regions is increasing, the only thing with which You have to be careful not to try to spend as little as possible, you can find beds for 2 dollars but keep in mind that the quality of them will leave much to be desired.

If I tell you about the cuisine of India I have nothing but good words, I love it, it is very tasty and very cheap, you can eat for 2 or 3 euros, and you will find many types of sandwiches that cost 0.50 cents.

Many backpackers get lost in this country for months, but you have to keep in mind that it is not an easy destination if it is your first trip as a backpacker, people are sometimes a little heavy with foreigners and bargaining and negotiation is the daily bread in their culture so you’ll have to use them often on your trip, but it’s something that will also make your experience and your adventures unique.

7. Bolivia • A special destination to spend your vacations and discover incredible places


One of the cheap tourist destinations in South America, maybe not as much as a few years ago probably due to its improvement in recent times, however, if you want to visit America del Su r you can not do it without going through Bolivia.

It is known as one of the cheapest destinations because you can eat for around 3 dollars or sleep for about 12 dollars. Also has some of the most impressive places such as, for example, the Titicaca one of the highest lakes in the world.

8. Vietnam • Good, nice and cheap


Are you looking for an exotic and cheap destination? Well, Vietnam is a country that increases its popularity year after year. Vietnam is one of the cheapest places you have in Southeast Asia along with countries like Thailand and Cambodia, although it is true that there are countries with lower prices are not so oriented to tourism.

9. Laos • One of the cheapest places in the world to practice tourism


Laos is the perfect place to vacation and connect with your spirit, a Buddhist country where you can enjoy everything that this religion can offer, its culture is impressive, its temples are beautiful, and you can find neighborhoods of French architecture during the colonial era that are really Precious, in addition its kitchen is amazing, without a doubt it has to enter this list of economic or low-cost destinations as you prefer to call it.

10. Burma • economic, beautiful and a perfect place to vacation


Also known as Myanmar, it is one of the best-known countries of Southeast Asia along with its neighbor Thailand, an authentic, special and untouchable country. You will find incredible places to visit and a country that is not so exploited by tourism despite the fact that every year it has more visitors.

11. Peru • A cheap holiday destination that you can not miss


Are you still interested in places to travel cheap? One of the most famous places of South America, most people come to visit the Machu Picchu Inca or ways but find other places like Cusco or Lima that although in principle they attract less attention worth visiting.

12. Morocco • Perfect to visit in summer


Morocco is along with Egypt one of the most interesting countries in North Africa, have a tea with the Berbers or ride a camel through the desert dunes are just some of the things you can do in this country, its cuisine is very well valued and Marrakech is a beautiful city that you can not miss, one of the low-cost holiday destinations that you should take into account if you want to visit Africa .

13. Hungary • The old continent has magical places


It is one of the cheapest countries in Europe; you will find low-cost flights to visit this wonderful country where you can enjoy this culture of Eastern Europe, where you can drink a strong liquor and bathe in its outdoor thermal pools. Enjoy incredible and cheap trips, enjoy Hungary.

14. Honduras • Enjoy one of the most economical countries in America


Along with Colombia and Peru is one of the most interesting destinations in Central America, it is not as touristy as others, so it is not so exploited, and you can find beaches and wonderful places to enjoy a relaxing day.

15. Bulgaria • One of the best cheap destinations in Europe


Bulgaria is not as well known as Spain, but it is one of those destinations in Europe that will not leave you indifferent, you will find a range of very interesting gastronomy and many cultures in its capital Sofia.

16. Sri Lanka • Cheap travel is possible

 Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka would be the closest thing to the paradise you could find on earth; you can live in this city at a low price and enjoy everything it has to offer, tourism is booming in this country that is breaking through little by little in the travel guides.

17. Argentina • Cheap travel in America


A country is known throughout the world for its backpacking routes and incredible cuisine. These are the main attraction of a place where you can enjoy the mountains, the outdoors and spectacular scenery. Also, the Argentines are incredible people who will not hesitate to throw a cable with anything.

18. Greece • Economic trips in Europe just a few hours away by plane


The crisis has influenced this European country and because of it the price of a low-cost holiday is more affordable, with some of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean and places are known throughout the world for their party as Mikonos, Greece has become Your perfect destination if you do not want to leave Europe.

19. Ireland • We have it very close


You can enjoy very cheap flights, luckily for us travelers everyday air tickets are cheaper, something that undoubtedly helps us a lot, discovers some of the hidden places of its capital and has some beers in the typical pub Irish will be some of the experiences you can experience in the capital.

20. Ukraine • One of my favorite destinations for an affordable vacation


Although after the last conflicts in the country your tourism has descended dramatically little by little they are returning to normal, it is not an easy place to visit because few people speak English which will be a problem for you to communicate and what it will do that in part is also very fun, a very cheap country where its inhabitants welcome tourism with open arms .

21. Philippines • Holidays in a paradisiacal destination in Asia


The Philippines has some of the most beautiful tropical islands you can find, a country that will cloud your mind for the goodness of its people, its islands and paradisiacal beaches, nature and animal fauna, its great climate and its tasty food. A perfect place to relax.

Cheap places to travel and visit during the year

I hope this list of low-cost countries has helped you to guide you on economic destinations where you have a cheap holiday, of course, all these destinations and their price will depend a lot on the style of travel and standard of living that you have, they can be very cheap or very expensive that depends solely and exclusively on you, keep in mind that the destinations that appear in this list are not aimed at luxury tourism .

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