3 best travel budget app that helps to estimate costs

travel budget app

In general, when traveling, it is not easy to keep a clear account of our expenses. The truth is that nobody likes to complete an Excel spreadsheet while they might be discovering incredible places. For this, there is 3 travel budget app that you can install on your cell phone or tablet, and that will help you stay within your travel budget.

3 travel budget app

Nowadays our mobile phone goes with us to any place. Within it, we have 3 travel budget app to estimate costs If we talk about our holidays, the mobile is also very useful to organize the budget for a trip. There are countless apps to travel that will make our lives easier and will help us plan our trip in a simple way.


While this app was developed with the aim of being used by corporate travelers more than independent, this does not mean you can give the use you prefer. It has several interesting features; it allows you to scan your tickets in case you want to keep them, automatically adding the data of these, accept and convert the currencies of the whole world and warn you when your next flights are. It also allows you to export your expenses to various formats such as Excel, Evernote, and Dropbox among others.

Expense Manager

This application allows you to manage both your income and expenses. It allows you to have several accounts with different currencies, add photos of your receipts and you can operate it to alert you when you have to pay something. You can choose to show you the data of your daily, weekly, monthly or annual budget. Expense Manager gives you the possibility to import and export data in CVS format that is compatible with the software you use on your computer. Within the same application, there are super useful tools, such as the calculator, currency converter and you even have the option to calculate the tax and the tip.

Travel Money

This app is specially designed taking into account the needs of the traveler in a group of friends. It allows you to easily and quickly calculate how much money each one has spent, so you can avoid those confusing occasions when everyone tries to remember what each one paid and who owes money to whom. Travel Money handles different currencies and allows you to export the data to share with your friends. It lets you customize the categories you want to use and shows the payments made on a map. You can also export the data in CSV format to see them in Excel.

With these applications, keeping track of your expenses will be much easier. Do not hesitate to use them during your next trip and thus you can save time that will be better invested in another way. Do you know any travel budget app for interesting travel? Do not hesitate to put it in the comments. Do you use any of these apps during your trips? Tell us which one you like the most

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