List of Typical Dishes of the Andean region in Colombia

Andean region in Colombia

When visiting other cities we like to discover gastronomy to know how to eat in other places, but we still like it more when we travel to other countries. Whether you are from the Andean region or want to travel to this area of the world. You probably want to know what are the typical dishes of the region to reproduce at home or to eat them from expert chefs in the area.

The Andean region is the central zone of the country of Colombia, which is crossed by three mountain ranges and where the departments of Nariño, Cauca, and Valle del Cauca are located; Caldas, Risaralda, Quindio, Antioquia, Huila, Tolima, Cundinamarca, Boyaca, Santander and Norte de Santander. Continue reading: SUITCASE OR BACKPACK TO GO ON A TRIP: HOW TO PREPARE AND WHAT TO TAKE.

Typical food of the Andean region

Andean region in Colombia
Typical Dishes of the Andean region in Colombia

Then I will present some interesting facts about the cuisine of the region. So, you know what kind of food is what they eat, what they like the most and what dishes are the ones that you may want to try -although that’s what you I leave to your judgments.


The piglet is a typical dish of the Andean region based on pork. It is usually prepared in the oven – preferably clay. Who cooks it cleans well and removes the viscera, seasoning it inside and out. He puts the body upside down and stuffs it with meat from the animal itself and prepares a stew with potatoes, rice, salt, onions … It is put in the thread and presented to the diner once it is all finished. Although each chef usually gives his special touch, it is undoubtedly a dish praised by all the inhabitants of the region.


The tamale is a typical food of the Andean region that is prepared with rice, chicken meat, pork and grains that are wrapped in banana leaves. It can also be served with arepas and chocolate. It is a very popular dish that all travelers want to try when they go to restaurants in the region.

Rib broth

The rib broth, as its name suggests, is made with ribs, boiled cow ribs. It is made with sliced potatoes, onion, and garlic and to make it taste good you cannot miss the pieces of cilantro. It is a very typical dish of this region and that everyone likes to enjoy.


Typical Dishes of the Andean region in Colombia

Ajiaco is one of the typical dishes of the Andean region that may sound a little strange or little known, but it is very common in the region and Colombian cuisine. The ingredients that cannot be missing are the three types of potatoes that are eaten in the Andes (savanna potatoes, pasta potatoes, and criollo potatoes), and they cannot miss the guascas. Potatoes are known as potatoes.

This dish has chicken and unmade potatoes to give a creamy texture to the dish. Also it also takes capers, cream of milk, avocado and chili.


The white manjar is known throughout the Andean region and is distinguished by its great flavor. It is a dessert that everyone loves because it is sweet and with a flavor difficult to find elsewhere that is not specialized in this dessert. This dessert contains milk, sugar, flour, cornstarch, vanilla essence, cinnamon sticks and lemon peels. On the Internet you can find the recipe in case you dare to do it in your home, it sure is delicious.

The tray paisa

This is one of the typical dishes of the region that does not stand out for its special ingredients; it is a dish that is characterized by abundance. The paisa tray has many different foods and lots of it. To be able to serve this dish must be done on a large tray and whoever eats it should have a well-prepared stomach, not everyone can overeat food in one sitting. Therefore, it is a dish that is usually shared among several people.

Typical Dishes of the Andean region in Colombia

Fritangas and broths

If we talk about the cundiboyasense cuisine, you should know that the unhealthy dishes predominate, such as fritangas and others -healthier, for the most part-, like the broths. Potato broth is the most consumed throughout the region.

Pig and fish

It is also very common for the cuisine of the Andean region to cook dishes with pork as the main animal in its ingredients. But river fish are also popular to eat in their dishes.

Typical Dishes of the Andean region in Colombia


As for the most popular drinks in the region of the Andes, the following are:

  • The Masato EL Masato is a drink made from cassava, rice, corn or pineapple.
  • The chicha. The name covers all alcoholic beverages based on cereals and corn.
  • The campus. The campus is a drink that is made of corn, molasses, pulp of lulo and pineapple.

What would gastronomy be without the desserts that represent the place where they are consumed? That’s why in the Andean cuisine you cannot miss the typical dessert. Among the most representative desserts are:

  • The veleño sandwich
  • The curuba of curuba
  • The milk flan
  • The melao curd
  • The cakes of cape gooseberries and papaya
  • The coquettes
  • The almojábana cake
  • The Muisca flan


If you ever travel to the Andes region do not forget everything you have read here to know what to eat and what are the typical dishes of the Andean region within its wide gastronomy. If you do not have the opportunity to travel to the region of the Andes but would like to try their dishes, then you can search the recipes on the Internet to make them for yourself and enjoy those peculiar flavors that have so much to do with Colombian society. If at the beginning it does not work out as you would like, surely with practice you will be able to achieve good results regarding dishes and the taste of them.

Gastronomy is a way of showing the world what a particular society is like. It is clear that the gastronomy of the Andes region shows us how they are connected to themselves, to the world and nature. The typical food of the Andean region that we have seen in this post is a clear example of this.

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