The best and most beautiful beaches in Portugal (Stunning photos)

The best and most beautiful beaches in Portugal

If we have to mention the best beaches in Portugal, we have a somewhat complicated mission ahead of us. More than anything because it has more than 900 kilometers of coastline. But not only that, but the Azores and Madeira are on their heels. So, we will try to review all those that have the most success among tourists.

There are many places where we can get lost. Unique and magical places of great beauty, where the sand meets the sea and a landscape worthy of being seen and enjoyed. The best beaches in Portugal are waiting for us. So, there is no time to waste. We begin our trip!

The best beaches in Portugal

You can find many beaches in Portugal. Here we only present 10 most wonderful beaches with stunning photos. Let’s dive into it. Keep reading: HALONG BAY TRAVEL EXPERIENCE.

Dona Ana

Dona Ana

Within the Costa de Oro or Algarve area we find Doña Ana. A unique place that invites you to spend a relaxing day. The golden touch is seen in the rocks that surround it. But in addition to the beautiful color, it is a quiet beach and thanks to the rock formations, it is much protected from the wind. Its sea is quite clear and clean, so it is not surprising that diving is one of the favorite sports to practice in this area. Just following the access to the beach you can also find a viewpoint. A perfect way to enjoy the place, but from the heights. It is a beach that has parking and restaurants.

Porto Santo

Porto santo

We go to the island of Porto Santo. Of course, it had to be also among the best beaches in Portugal. It has a total of nine kilometers of beach. But not only that but it is said to be an area with therapeutic properties, especially in the sand part. The people with certain types of rheumatic problems are often buried in it. This is because it has a special sand, which is usually used for different treatments and has a slight golden touch. A place that has beauty and medicinal purposes, what more can we ask for?

Heredad de la Comporta

Heredad de la comporta

In Setúbal we find the beach Heredad de la Comporta. It can be said that it is not overcrowded and that for many it still remains a kind of secret. But there it is to show us all its beauty. It is a coast of more than 12 kilometers, where the fine sand also invites us to stay for a long time. Right in front of the beach, we have the dunes. We can say that it is a wild beach and that it conserves some birds and a great vegetation.



For all athletes, nothing like the Guincho beach in Cascais. Sports such as windsurfing or just surfing have their cradle here. It is in this place where certain competitions meet. If you want to enjoy a beach environment with a bit of wind and a somewhat hectic sea, this is your best place. It is located only 6 kilometers from Cascais and you will have to take the road that goes to Sintra. You cannot leave without stepping on the famous Guincho bar. A place that besides the special views, you can also enjoy the great dishes or simply, have a cocktail if you prefer.



They are more than four kilometers of beach. In its southern area, you can practice nudism and that is why this place has been well recognized. But in its northern part, families who want to enjoy long days on the beach meet. It has a clay cliff, which is perfect to treat the body with it. Of course, you have to know that in this beach the waves are frequent, although in this case, it seems that there are no currents. For this reason, it is not at all dangerous as in other places.

Deserted Island

Deserted Island

Its name refers to a place that is still very well preserved. It is also located in the area of the Algarve and has more than 10 kilometers of great beauty. Of course, its access is by sea from the port, Porta do Sol, in Faro. It has strong currents in its waters, so you always have to exercise extreme caution. So the best thing is to enjoy the surroundings in the only restaurant that is in the place.

Santa Maria in the Azores

Santa María in the Azores

It is one of the smallest islands of the Azores and has around it a great beauty where it meets, both the color of its waters and the vegetation that surrounds it and its sand, which tends to be darker. For all this and more, it is almost essential to have to visit a place like this. You can enjoy all its amenities and of course, its beauty is not small.

Zambujeira do Mar

Zambujeira do Mar

We’re going to a small fishing village where we met Zambujeira do Mar. A place where peace and tranquility are felt at every step. It has a beach area that still has more than great conservation. Something that makes tourists do not think twice. In addition, it has spectacular cliffs. Right from them, you can look towards the horizon and lose yourself in the sea. It is one of the beaches that has more affluence among young people. The practice of sports such as surfing is something usual. Although also in summer it has one of the great music festivals that welcomes many tourists. It is said that this area has one of the most impressive sunsets. For all these reasons, it is considered one of the best beaches in Portugal.

San Pedro de Moel

San Pedro de Moel

It is a perfect area where the sea, the sand, the small houses around it and the pine forest are the perfect combination of an ideal environment. A way to enjoy a quiet and well-clothed place. Fishing and underwater hunting come together in San Pedro de Moel. You can also stay up a little later and enjoy your sunset. Yes, you will have comfortable terraces so you can not miss a minute of that moment. Being in the central area of the country, it has a lot of affluence. But not only in the summertime but also the other months of the year has many proposals that will not leave you indifferent.

Praia do Amado

Praia do Amado

It seems that we are going back to the Algarve to enjoy the so-called Praia do Amado. It has a lot of waves so the practice of surfing and for all lovers of surfing is considered one of the great gems. Right on this beach, you will have a couple of surf schools, in case you dare to try. It is a fairly large area but it is almost impossible to see it crowded. So, it is another of the best beaches in Portugal.

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