Do You Know the Hidden place Page Arizona and Lake Powell? Find Now

Page Arizona and Lake Powell

In every itinerary marked by the Southwest of the United States, you can not miss the famous Antelope Canyon. If only to go to see this narrow and narrow corridor, made by the erosion of water. For millions of years, we could say, yes, we could consider coming from so far, to see how manic and beautiful our mother is Nature. A few days ago, we have traveled to Page Arizona and Lake Powell. Here we share all of our experiences. 

But the thing goes beyond and not only the border area between Arizona and Utah. It gives us this secret very well kept by the Navajo Indians.

Driven by the whites, the Indians saw their reserves dwindle. They are leaving them the driest and driest areas of the Page Arizona and Lake Powell. It was not an easy life in a not so distant past. Currently, this tribe lives on tourism. They have the most amazing parks in the South of the United States. The one that touches us today is the Glen Canyon National. Keep reading: Which one is best for travel, suitcase or backpack?

Place to see in Page Arizona

Page Arizona and Lake Powell

This enormous park covers hundreds of miles and places as devastating as water supply. It is curious how a prey made by man, created between so much lack. The second largest artificial lake in the country. While the coyotes walk through the sandy plains looking for something to put in their mouths. The middle-class Americans stroll in their boats for the magisterial yet fake Lake Powell.

From the lonely Big Water to the famous Horseshoe Bend (horseshoe horse). We will pass through such interesting places that we will be forced to extend our stay for a couple of days. In fact, many tourists, make the mistake of making a lightning trip to the famous horseshoe. The piece of Antelope Canyon that the Indians have reserved for us in their just revenge to the foreigner.

There is no greater reward on this trip than to let you take the road and take the road calmly, without wanting to run too much. The rush is not welcome in a country where everything is so extensive. We do not know the distances and the time we need to make the journeys. Many things we will let pass because they hide behind the deep canyons. But others should not be ignored.

As a base, many who are planning to come Page Arizona. It is not a bad idea if the prices do not scare you. Taking advantage of the hook that has peripheral points of interest, businesses inflate prices exorbitantly, getting in return a sad road motel, in a town built without enthusiasm, charm and much less hospitable. Page Arizona, for me it’s like the sacrifice that everyone must make to get into a van. It is an agency that fits the same price table, take you to see the famous cracks built by past and dead river. If you do not go through the box, you do not go. It is restricted to the traveler, but as it is said in my country.

What not to lose in glen canyon national?

I put the order in which I did it. Nothing to do with priorities. If you have to leave something, other than Horseshoe and Antelope Canyon.

Lake powell

Page Arizona and Lake Powell

Maybe not so visited, demand for all lover of nature, make a blur in your mind and see how an artificial lake, has created an ecosystem rich in species and unfortunately other species, which go by boat and jet ski. These killers of silence, love to break the calm with their powerful engines. But you should not take anyone back. For $ 25 at the entrance, you will have magnificent views for you, not possible from the road and beaches created by the drops of flow, which neither those of my land. Clean waters, soft sand, and canyons in the background as a simple note will make you see a sunset, rise whole in your search for a moment of total peace.

Traveling by car is ideal. There is no public transport. You can also enter the club of the second species that I mentioned before and rent boats, motorcycles and even go water skiing. Yes, as I said before, at prices boring the clouds.

Three main entrances will place you in front of him. The northernmost, called Lone Rock, is the best for bathing, according to my experience.

South and Wahweap North, are those used by boat owners. In spite of that, you must also enter through there, where the roads will take you to viewpoints and again to fantastic beaches where you can taste how well you feel at these high temperatures how cool the water is.

Glen canyon dam

glen canyon dam

Criticized by some, I still do not understand why. It does not deviate from anyone’s route, it is a step between Lake Powell and Page, and you only need to stop and photograph it. It is larger than the Hoover in Nevada, but fewer media knowledge. Its containment creates behind its colossal concrete walls, the second largest artificial lake in the country. The red river, a few levels below, will never cease to amaze you with its strength and beauty.

Tickets are voluntary if we want to make a tour of the interior of the dam. For 5 dollars, an operator will explain the operation and walk through it. I did not do it, for lack of total interest.

In the same office, you can ask for information about the park. There, the Rangers will be happy to help you.

Horseshoe bend

horseshoe bend

It may be the most widespread image in recent years. The Colorado River, in its course, creates a huge curve that looks like a horseshoe. Arriving is very simple. We take Highway 89, South direction, past Page and we will have the entrance very well indicated on the right. The mass of visitors will also be an unequivocal signal that you will have arrived.

Strange, although true, you do not have to pay to see. A path of scarcely fifteen minutes from the parking will leave you on the edge of a precipice not suitable for people who have acrophobia, and I think that for many who do not fear the heights, where they may suffer a bit of vertigo. Without fences and with nobody watching, the nonsense that people usually do for a good photograph can put in check the most permissive.

Good photography is assured. From the angles you want and the time you need. You just have to follow the edge of the cliff and choose a good place to observe, drink or just relax.

Antelope canyon

antelope canyon

One of the icons for all travel in the American Southwest. Well worth the trip from where you come, but adding the previous three, you reassure yourself, that your days in Glen Canyon, are so useful and unforgettable, it will be difficult to exceed the following expectations. The route always has to be done under the supervision of the Navajo Indians.

You must hire a tour obligatorily. Forget to do it on your own. To the question that if you have to book before, well I tell you that you will secure the shot, but I also know that there is a huge number of agencies spread over Page that will sell you the ticket one day in advance without any problem. If you go in August, make sure you do not miss it for lack of foresight. The price is around $ 48 and includes transfers and a Navajo guide, which will be more than explaining, prohibiting any act that is out of place.

There are two routes. The Lower and Upper. The first is more expensive. The second one is the one usually done by everyone. None will disappoint you. You should try to catch the hours in which the sunlight falls vertically (11.30 or 12.30), filtering the rays through the cracks, creating that magical effect that you have seen in many photographs.

The canyon was formed millennia ago, by the erosion of water flowing between the guts of the mountain. The characteristics of the land of this area of Arizona is so peculiar that it facilitates the task of forming these narrow corridors, which fill the visitor with fascination. The abysses, even reach 40 meters deep and some areas are unexplored or better said, unexploited.

Courtesy of a journey

When you travel, things often happen to you by chance. To us, we had an eclipse of the Sun, just when we were going to the visitor center in Page Arizona. There were a dozen people reporting and diving goggles. It was happening at that very moment. The Americans, fathers of the almighty NASA, live these events in such a surprising way that it became contagious. Several information brochures of lake powell, with five mounted telescopes, were the object of desire while our dwarf satellite crossed in front of the Sun. A unique experience that we loved to live precisely in this country.

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