7 free things to do in Madrid

Madrid has a wide range of cultural and leisure activities to carry out and every year it is chosen by millions of tourists as a holiday destination. What not everyone knows is that the Spanish capital offers interesting activities completely free of charge.

Outdoor activities in Madrid

Enjoy Madrid Rio

Despite not having a coastline, Madrid has a formidable leisure area with water as its protagonist, the Manzanares River. On both banks extends the Madrid Rio park. A place that not many years ago was occupied by a ring road and that today is a magnificent green lung of the capital.

Divided into different areas, in Madrid Rio you can walk, sunbathe, go cycling or relax while the children play in their playgrounds. Ideal to come with the family!

Stroll through the Retiro

Another lung of Madrid, but with much more history, is the Parque del Retiro. This historic set of gardens dates back to 1631 as a gift from the Count-Duke of Olivares to King Felipe IV.

It is worth enjoying it in its entirety, as it has truly beautiful corners such as the pond, the Crystal Palace, or the rose garden, with more than 4,000 rose bushes planted. It is also fantastic to visit the Paseo de las Estatuas, with some of the most emblematic Spanish characters

The Retiro Park is a wonderful option for all kinds of activities, from jogging to skating or simply lying on the grass to enjoy a hot summer day.

Cultural activities

Visit the cathedral

The magnificent Almudena Cathedral is a must-see. Its entrance is completely free, although a small donation is requested for the conservation of the building. Thanks to its 102 meters high, it stands out from the rest of the buildings in the area, making its structure visible from a considerable distance.

Inside you can see various altars and chapels, as well as some modern and colorful stained glass windows. Without a doubt, it is one of the symbols of the city of Madrid.

Tour the Prado Museum

Although not for everyone, some of the most important museums in the country, such as the Prado Museum, have free admission for those under 18, as well as students and retirees.

Similarly, two hours before they close their doors, certain museums allow access completely free of charge.

Get to know the Jeronimos church

A short distance from the Art Triangle made up of the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofia Museum and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum is the Church of San Jeronimo el Real. Originally it was one of the most important monasteries in the capital, the scene of weddings, funerals, and other events related to the Spanish monarchs.

Recreational activities

Live the night

Madrid has been and continues to be considered one of the best destinations to enjoy a festive atmosphere. Nights in the capital are in stark contrast to daytime activities and life.

Walking through its streets full of clubs and bars is an important attraction, especially since many of these places remain open until very late in the morning.

Learn in free workshops

In the old Tabacalera building, in the Lavapies neighborhood, free workshops are frequently held. In it, you can enjoy all kinds of proposals, from concerts to dance or activities for children.

It is a self-managed center that offers one of the most varied agendas in the entire city, which makes it an obligatory stop on our tour of the capital.

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