4 advantages of traveling by bus instead of plane

One thing about our new generation is that everyone wants to travel as much as possible. Being adventurous and always on the go is amazing for your 20s. It gives you the opportunity to meet many people, learn from different cultures and become more independent. While this sounds amazing, you could go even further and challenge yourself with a different way of traveling. When you think of a new destination you want to get to, the first thing you check are flights, right? But there are many other options that you might not even know about. In this article we’ll present to you 5 advantages of traveling by bus instead of a plane. If this article convinces you, you can check out FlixBus, they have connections all over the world and the tickets are pretty affordable.


One of the most expensive aspects of traveling is the flight situation. The best way to ensure your flights don’t end up costing you a fortune would be to get them as much time in advance as possible. So if you want to be more spontaneous on your next trip, bus tickets are half the price even if you get them very shortly before your trip. Of course they take more time, but this would be a good opportunity to read that book you’ve been putting away.

More space. More comfort

Everyone knows the struggle with leg space in planes, there are memes about it and every tall person has mentioned it at least once. Unless you travel with a high class company, chances are you will be having a hard time being comfortable on a plane. Now of course, for a one hour flight this is no big deal, but when it comes to longer journeys, it can get annoying. When you travel by bus, most of the time they are half empty, giving you the option of having more than one seat to yourself. And a great tip to be extra comfy would be to get a woolen jumper as sweaters from https://www.tarairishclothing.com/collections/mens-knitwear that doubles as a pillow when it gets too warm. Now you are all set up for a comfy journey and ready for too warm or too cold temperatures.

No luggage anxiety

We all know how anxious airport security makes us feel, even if you’ve got nothing but clothes in your bags, you’ll still feel like everyone’s out to get you. And after we pass security checks, we have to get to the gate where they check the sizes and weight of your bags, another panic episode. With buses you avoid all of this, because they allow you with multiple bags, without checking you, as it is easier to avoid problems on a bus. So the next time you book a trip, think of how easy it would be to overstuff all of your bags and get to your destination with no worries or extra fees.

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