Cheap Holidays: Tips and Tricks


Discover five tricks to leave this summer on holiday without ruining you.

You go on vacation this summer, but are you afraid of having to tighten your belt so as not to exceed your budget? Do not panic the five tips to help you get on holiday this summer without breaking the bank.

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1. Are you flying?

Airfare is often the main source of expenses on a trip. For this reason, it has put together a series of tools to help you find the best value for your money.

  • Price alert: If you find the flight of your dreams and it is a little too expensive for your taste, thanks to the price alerts, you will be kept informed of it as soon as the price of the plane ticket increases or decreases
  • Function everywhere: If you are flexible about your travel destination, the function “Everywhere” will allow you to find all the destinations at the best price from France
  • Nearby Airport: This feature will help you find the cheapest flights to all the airports near you.

It has also the tools to help you find cheap flights: multi-destination option, map option or newsletter to be kept up to date (and free of charge) trip.

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2. Do not take the plane?

Are you planning to go on holiday by car or train? Discover how to move at a low price:

  • Do you plan to rent a car? Do not hesitate to use the comparators to rent a car at the best price. You can also make use of the relocation to move without ruining yourself. The concept is simple: a rental agency lends you a free car in return for what you would repatriate the car to the desired agency.
  • Are you taking the train? You can find train tickets at the best price on Outgo – the low-cost subsidiary of the SNCF – or on Capitainetrain, a site that compares SNCF offers, but also foreign railway companies to find ticket Train as cheap as possible.
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3. Find a cheap hotel

Accommodation can quickly cost a small fortune while traveling. Luckily, It has a hotel comparison service that helps you find a hotel that is right for you by criteria that are important to you: hotel location, room amenities, and more.

If in spite of this you find that the proposed hotels cost too much, here are some alternative ways of lodging you on a trip without breaking the bank:

  • If you are going to France, F1 hotels offer hotel rooms (spartan, but clean) from 19 $ per night!
  • Apartments: On average, a tourist apartment costs 20 to 50% less than a hotel room and in addition, you can cook (as many expenses in the restaurant less). Why not rent an apartment on your next trip?
  • Youth hostels: A growing number of youth hostels offer single rooms, the comfort of which can not be compared to traditional hotels.
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4. Go to a cheap destination

The cost of living in France is one of the highest in France, so why not go to Croatia. For the price of a camping site in Saint-Tropez (450 $ per week), you can offer a 3-room apartment in Croatia. For the price of a cappuccino in Paris, you can offer yourself an hour of back massage in Thailand. In Rome, you can find more than 20 4-star hotels for less than 50 $ per night. You can find flights to Poland in August for 56 $ return and find beds in hostel dormitory for 7 $ per night. In China, a taxi ride of 10 km will cost you just 5 $. In short, if France is too expensive, do not hesitate to go to countries where the cost of living is the lowest.

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5. Indulge yourself without breaking the bank

 Here are several tips to make you happy without ruining yourself:

  • Do you like to party? If you are going to France, you should know that the “Pay de ta point “application (iOS & Android) indicates the price of the pints of beer in the bars closest to where you are. Convenient.
  • Museums: In France, most national museums are free on the first Sunday of the month. Convenient. If you are a student, do not forget to bring your student card with you. Even abroad, this may give you the right to discounts (eg: -50% of museums in China).
  • Experience a thrill: A scooter rents 5 $ per day in Vietnam. A parachute jump costs nearly 300 $ in France against 100-150 dollars in Mexico. Enjoy your vacation you will experience highlights that will remain forged in your memory.
  • Clothing: In the United States, some clothes (Jean Levi’s, Polo Ralph Lauren) cost 2 to 3 times less than in France. If you are going to the United States, do not hesitate to buy clothes for up to $ 430 per passenger.
  • The Europa Park amusement park (Rust, Germany) offers free admission to children under 12 on the day of their birthday.

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