10 tips to spend a good holiday with friends


Are you planning a trip to abroad? Read these tips before you go, this might allow you not to turn this vacation into a nightmare.

Going on holiday with friends, it can be either double or double. Therefore, here are 10 tips for traveling together and succeeding with friends.

We should all go on vacation this summer!” What originally was, without a doubt, a good idea could fall back like a whisper when you realize that the little fans of your friends are no longer so funny after two weeks together. Because group travel must be a good time, here are 10 tips to make sure you get the most out of your trip with friends.

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1. Manage your money

If you do not decide on a budget in advance, you risk polemics and conflicts. Before you leave, choose a reasonable budget, to avoid getting there by telling you that you will be sipping champagne, while others are looking for a cheap coffee. Going on holiday with friends’ means putting cards on the table before departure and knowing the situation of each one.

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2. Share the note

Still on the same subject, money. Avoid having to make money – you have to earn money. Share the scores in equal parts and stick to your budget. This will save you from having to polemic, once returned, to find out who owes 30 dollars to that.

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3. Know how to compromise

Even if you are the only one, who does not want to go to the water park, making a whim will not solve the problem – and will not make you popular with your friends. Sometimes you have to learn to follow the movement, knowing that you can do what you want another day. Going on vacation with friends requires compromise because it is very difficult to always have the same desires at the same time.

4. Make groups

Half of your group wants to go get a drink and the other half wants to go to bed? You do not have to spend all the holidays together – but no one should be put aside.

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5. Isolate yourself

It is tiring to be sociable 24 hours a day. Do not feel guilty about wanting to take a nap when everyone goes out to lunch or tan when everyone jumps on an inflatable banana boat. You will even be in the front row when they all fall into the water! A journey between friends does not mean that you are stuck, everyone can grant an area of freedom.

6. Avoid risky subjects

There are of course the classics (religion, politics, and money). But while you’re at it, avoid vacationing to tell your friend that you’re moving from the apartment you’re sharing, or that you’re the one who broke his computer and accused the dog … Even if you have to Want to empty your bag while the atmosphere is good, it may not remain, even after three mojitos.

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7. Drink in moderation

Alcohol can make you do stupid things! Especially these super strong cocktails that they serve in the resorts and that you love to drink when you go on vacation with friends. We are not telling you that you should not drink at all, but be careful not to drink too much, or you risk getting angry with the whole group, or going away alone and losing you, or Do not manage to get up the next day for that excursion you had planned. The list is endless.

8. Know Your Limits

Just because everybody wants to do parachute, you do not have to. You do not have to always do like the others, let alone put you in a situation where you are not comfortable just to please them. If you do not feel like doing something, do not do it because you may be angry with your friends – which is not a good idea when you go on holiday with them!

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9. Carry Headphones

Perfect to lock yourself in your bubble and avoid being disturbed, headphones are the key when you want to go on holiday with friends while taking a break!

10. And finally, be benevolent

If your friends can be annoying, you can be annoying too. Be polite and patient, and try to understand the point of view of everyone. Thus, your trip among friends will take place in the best way possible.

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