The 25 best travel accessories and gifts for travelers

Here I present a selection of 25 articles, objects, products and travel accessories … which are also the perfect gift for any traveler worth their salt. Some more useful, necessary and even mandatory … while others are less so, but equally interesting, useful and also curious. Several of the articles presented here, I have them myself or have given them. So, in part it is a personal selection, traveler for travelers as always … and I do not doubt that they will serve as inspiration;).

Best travel accessories and gifts for travelers

* Travel journal and mini-maps to scratch


In an ideal and original newspaper for all travelers. And is that, beyond apps for our mobile device, many still use notebooks to write down all details, memories or information of our trips and short trips, also allows you, with specific sections, write budgets, luggage, your diary … Very pimp!

* LCD luggage scale

luggage scale

Article undoubtedly essential, both for all those who travel very light luggage without checking (but we can pass, not in size but yes weight), and compulsive buyers and the “this I take it just in case” xD. Forget the surprises when billing and put your saber for excess baggage. With this backlit LCD scale (shows weight with kilos to pounds and temperature converter), you will never lose weight again. And besides, it hardly occupies space!

* Lonely Planet travel guides

travel guides

What we are going to say about Lonely Planet, without a doubt they are the bible of every traveler worth their salt and the world reference regarding travel guides. Maps and all kinds of information detailed to the millimeter by travelers like you, help you prepare and plan your trips, before, during and after … I, beyond varied and diverse information on the Internet and other guides, always always use Lonely Planet.

* Travel set: pillow, earplugs, and mask

travel set

A mandatory and indispensable. Especially for all those who, like me, are low-cost and sleep in hostels and similar (with noise, light, and everything that entails), and they need total and absolute silence and darkness. You know: mask and earplugs are essential and necessary items, which is attached a pillow for uncomfortable trips in any type of transport, and thus avoid tearing your neck while you hang your head xD. I do not travel without them!

* External battery double USB

External battery double USB

Another mandatory item for all travelers and, especially today, for all those who travel with several objects on top, with special emphasis on tablets and smartphones that, with the cane that we give them when using it for infinite aspects, the battery lasts nothing and less. But that ended with the external batteries … yes, it is not worth anyone! Minimum of 10,000mAh, two USB to be able to charge two devices at the same time, and with a minimum output power of 5V 2.4A, otherwise, we will be charging the battery of our device in the long-term …

* Universal power adapter and USB

Universal power adapter and USB

We are loaded with devices that need to be loaded at all times wherever we are on the other side of the world. Well with this universal charger you have it solved; You can upload all your devices in more than 150 countries. Also, apart from the plugs, includes security switch and two USB inputs at 2.4A (avoiding long-term batteries).

* E-reader tactile electronic book reader


Anti-glare touchscreen, wifi, 6 “, does not tire the eyes, the battery lasts weeks, weighs little, 4GB capacity … what are we going to say! A great e-reader and a regular gift with a great quality/price ratio and that serve us as travelers, for our usual readings in those dead times (transport in special), that we can have during our trips.

* Inflatable bed for the car

bed for the car

What a great invention ! an inflatable bed that can be placed in the back of the car, creating a single space where we can lie down and rests peacefully at the stops of those road trips that we like so much. It also serves for the garden, the pool, the beach … Motorola.

* Passport cover

The passport is, obviously, our greatest treasure as a traveler, without which on the one hand, we could not travel (that romanticism was already lost in the EU xD), and on the other hand, it reminds us of what we have traveled and what it remains to travel. How many times stamps added on your passport, thinking that they are not enough? xD. Then protect it with this piece of the leather sheath in vintage style, with the world map stamp and stamps. Very cool.

* Earth globe of cork

It’s not cool! What traveler has not had a globe to let his dream travelers flow as you admire? What have you not had?, Since you already have a colleague, and what better way than with this terrestrial globe made of cork so that you can mark the countries visited, or visit, with thumbtacks. Without a doubt, a gift more than curious and striking.

* Survival kit for public bathrooms

Who else who less, especially in certain destinations and according to what places, we all have to do our needs in a bath of the underworld full of shit that you do not touch even with a stick and that, just enter, you can catch thousands of things xD. And yes, full of shit literally, and the worst thing is that you have to enter yes or yes because you can not go to another place … Well here is the solution: a survival kit for public toilets! Includes a cover to cover the toilet, a pair of disposable gloves and two antiseptic wipes. Now, yes! xD.

* Instant underpants

Yes, as you read it … Are you a backpacker and do not invoice, so you save space with little clothes to wash and gumbos old clothes to throw / disposable ?, What happens if you have an unexpected and you stay lying without luggage with you wear for a couple of days.

* USB heated gloves

WTF! Yes … gloves heated by USB! Are you cold while you write the post of duty for your travel blog? Are you at home, or perhaps traveling on a plane or a train and the temperature is cool and your hands are somewhat gripped? No problem !, with these gloves that you can connect to the USB of your device, you will have warm hands, and free fingers, to be able to continue writing;). You will wonder how you could live without them.

* Kit pack of luggage organizers

A set of highly recommended organizers that will make the organization and classification of your luggage much easier and easier. Before you had everything scattered and usually mixed, that if the clothes clean, that if the dirty clothes in a bag, that if the toiletries, that if gadgets and cables, if you buy them … A roll we go, thanks to these organizers of different sizes, you can organize all your luggage with the least effort. I have some very similar ones, very useful!

* Safety belt wallet

Cautious man is worth two, safety is the most important and prevention is better than cure, do not forget it. Thanks to this portfolio, which you can wear as a bandolier or fanny pack (under your clothes, easily accessible and hidden from prying eyes and friends of others), you can save thanks to its various compartments, keys, money and all kinds of documentation as a passport, cards, etc. A mandatory for every traveler that I always use.

* First aid kit for travel

Generally, in a “normal” getaway or trip to a “normal” destination where we are going to carry out “normal” activities, we do not usually carry a medicine cabinet, beyond medicines and some other basic thing, things that we usually forget on many occasions. For other trips, destinations and activities, it is nevertheless always advisable to carry a minimum first aid kit. Here you have everything you need to solve any problem and basic incidence.

* Swiss Nava with 24 functions

Do you want to carry Mc Giver in your pocket? A piece of “tool” in every rule and, always always, a great gift that is equally always useful, especially for adventurers. Swiss knives there are many, but if you want an authentic, original, good (with 24 functions in this case) and stainless steel, you will pay to pay hehe. Of course, do not forget that you have to bill it;).

* Travel portable washing bag

I have to admit that I’m looking forward to buying this item and being able to prove it. Yes, a “portable washing machine”, especially useful for camping and rural and diverse natural adventures, and those trips or escapes in which it is not easy to find washing machines or/and wash clothes easily. It occupies very little folded space, and you just have to put your clothes, water, soap, take out the air through a valve, and “massage” the clothes (as if you were washing by hand we are going). And ready … I want it!

* Waterproof case for smartphone

Do you travel alone, are you on the beach or the pool and can not leave your smartphone and your belongings “just there”? Well, for this you have this waterproof case to keep your things and so you can bathe with them, without having to leave them alone, and obviously without getting wet, because the case is waterproof with IPX8 certificate, transparent, and supports up to 6 devices. ” I have used it more than once;).

* External hard drive

Do you get thousands of photos and you never have enough space on the memory cards? So long trips where, apart from storing photos and videos, you also need to store diverse documentation? Or maybe you work on the road and take your work on? An external hard drive is something basic for the traveler, where you can store all that cited, free space and have that much-needed backup.

* USB beverage cooler

Honestly, I do not know how we could have lived without this article, especially, and beyond those of us who are travelers, who are also brewers. It will be your ideal companion and, although you probably do not take it on a trip (well, or yes;)), it will be next to your PC, laptop or tablet at all times. And what’s better than having your personal cooler connected by USB that cools your beer cans? Oh, it’s just that it’s a fucking past. So, while you are writing on your blog, you will not have to get up to the fridge to get a beer. Yes, I know, you love her but hehe.

* Portable fridge with integrated speakers

The ideal portable fridge for all lovers of camping, having a cold beer … and music. And it is that this portable refrigerator can take it anywhere in the car, keeping cool your drinks and, besides (already imitating the classic “parrots” of the ’80s), has two integrated stereo speakers so you can listen to music to make the enjoyable journey. It’s cool, is not it?

* 5% discount on your travel insurance

To see the colleague, you know that safety is the most important and that prevention is better than cure. Every traveler knows that a travel insurance that covers you for any problem or event, is absolutely essential and essential, especially for destinations where a simple problem can come out of the joke of several thousand euros: S. I have been using IATI Insurance for many years and obviously I can recommend it, and you also have a 5% discount! Well, right?

* A flight to any place on the planet at the best price

And for the end, the best gift for any traveler, which is none other than a trip, a flight to any place on the planet and always at the best price. There are many search engines. I always use VIA to search for any flight, it is always the reference, for its options, its versatility, its database of airlines including lowcost, and the possibility of searching by departure city … to any destination; ). Give a flight.

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