10 amazing travel tips for beginners

travel tips for beginners

When you prepare your first trip (and the second, the third or the tenth) you always have doubts and questions and sometimes you do not even know where to start. Everything seems very complicated and the list of things to do, and solve, extends to infinity.

As experience is gained, everything is simplified, but if someone also gives you some advice before starting your first adventure, everything flows better. Keep reading: WHERE TO STAY IN AMSTERDAM: THE BEST AREAS

10 amazing travel tips for beginners

travel tips for beginners

For those who consider themselves as beginners, I think that these recommendations, which I summarize from the post Ten Travel Tips for Beginners could be useful.

1.- The costumes:

You do not have to be smart or fashionable, but it’s always good to follow a couple of rules: try not to look like a tourist, among other things so as not to attract pickpockets and the like, and try to avoid stereotypes.

2.- Money and cards:

How much to take and how? It is best to carry a small amount of cash, plus a debit card and a credit card. When you take money from the cashier, try to make no more than 200 euros each time (or its equivalent). So you control the commission charges and, if you had the misfortune to be robbed, it would not be a drama.

3.- Budget:

You will never guess Even if you have calculated it to the last detail, the trip will probably be more expensive than expected : replace a suitcase, buy items not included (such as a power adapter), a mandatory guided tour, a taxi, lose the connection of a flight , or discover the real reason why accommodation was so cheap and, therefore, have to change hotels in an untimely manner.

travel budget

4.- Investigate only to have basic information:

The trip begins to be enjoyed since you are organizing it. Read all the blogs you can, get a guide of the place, enter forums, see videos of the destination you go to until you feel like an expert, but do not make a strict schedule, or plan routes or think that everything is controlled.

Once you arrive, you will probably have to make many changes (for example, if it rains or is a holiday). Go out to discover the city, talk to the locals or ask advice from other travelers.

5. Meet the locals:

Whether you are staying in a luxury hotel or sharing a hostel room with strangers, you will meet people who share your concerns and interests and this is one of the fun aspects of traveling. However, it is also a good idea to explore beyond the tourist attractions and meet the locals. Maybe the language is a barrier, but mimicry works miracles.

travel transport

6.- Alternative means of transport:

Airplanes, buses, trains, and taxis can take us almost anywhere, but we can save money if we get on a boat, explore by bicycle or on horseback, or just walk. Your vision will be totally different.

7. Be realistic:

Traveling does not have to be fun all the time. In addition, you also have to take days to rest. Do not make very ambitious plans and do not want to know everything in a short period. Take it calmly as much as possible; It’s not just about making a couple of photos and moving on to the next destination.

8.- Think carefully about what to pack:

The most important recommendation: travel light luggage. It’s difficult, but you can. Do not wear more than two pairs of shoes and maybe it is not necessary to change clothes for each day. Items that can be essential: batteries and chargers, maps, flashlights … although it depends on the destination and the type of trip.

type of trip

9.- Useful (and useless) travel tips:

Before and during your trip, you will receive dozens of tips and warnings and you will find that many travel guides are quite conservative. So the best thing is to use common sense. If someone tells you that a place is not safe, ask why and ask for all the information you consider necessary. Do not underestimate the recommendations, but do not deprive yourself of knowing only what the rumors say.

10.- Alert !:

Are you sure you want to travel? The biggest danger is that it is addictive. If you get infected, you will stay up late at night reading blogs from people you do not know, you will be looking for flight offers even if you do not have a date for your next trip, you will make it a topic of conversation with your friends and, in the most advanced of the “disease”, you will even think about quitting your job or spending all your savings to go to know the world. So, think about it!

Travel tips of my own harvest

Travel tips of my own harvest

If you travel to a country with a different currency, it is advisable to change some money before leaving. Even small expenses like a bus ticket, buy something to eat or make a call. In many airports, exchange agencies close after 10 o’clock at night, or it is not possible to pay small amounts with a card.

It is advisable to print the vouchers of hotel reservations, train or bus tickets, and even the itineraries of your flights. You never know when you are going to ask for them and, on occasions, having paper schedules saves you dislikes.

In your handbag or backpack that does not miss the camera, or a good sunscreen. Do not forget to check the type of current, and plug, which is used in the country you visit. There are universal adapters that are very well priced and can get you out of trouble.

It never hurts to learn some words in the language of the place you are going to know. You can not imagine the doors that you can open to say a simple hello in the local language.

As a last suggestion, I recommend you to take out travel insurance, especially if you go to destinations such as North America, Asia or Oceania. In this link, you will find all the information about the different policies offered by IATI, so that you can choose the one that best suits you. For being a Turiscurioseando reader, you will have a 5% discount. Happy journey! You may also like: http://thinkforwrite.com/considering-your-age-when-you-travel/

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