The best and beautiful beaches in Bali

beaches in Bali

Although Bali is not exactly a destination that shines for its paradisiacal beaches, we can not say that on the island there is not one where you can not spend a day enjoying the sun, sand and a delicious fresh young coconut. In addition, after our experience in the second trip to Bali by free, we can tell you that more than one, sure surprises you. In this article, we are going to discuss 3 best beaches in Bali. 

Beaches in Bali

beaches in Bali

So, based on our experience we have made a list of what we think are the best beaches in Bali . We start! Keep reading: BEST TIME TO TRAVEL TO BALI

1. Kuta

We know that this is probably not the picture you have of postcard beach, but we can not forget that Kuta is one of the best beaches in Bali , at least tourists who come to the island in search of surfing and the best wave.
With more than 3 kilometers, we can say that this is the most animated beach in Bali and also the area chosen by the many tourists who besides enjoying it, want to live more lively and more lively nights.

beaches in Bali

If you are looking for the busiest and most touristy area, you should go to Jalan Legian and Jalan Pantai Kuta, the latter next to the beach, which are the streets where there are many shops, restaurants and most of the best-known hotels. from the city.

Although initially the beach may seem too touristy and too focused on the accidental mode , it is possible to find quieter areas, since being such a long beach, you just have to get away from the more central areas to enjoy the calm of the sand and the sun, rest and when the time comes, move away a little from the shore in search of the trees that are in all the entrances to the beach, where you will also find many bars where you can buy refreshments or something to eat.

If you come to Kuta only one day or have a motorcycle or car, you should bear in mind that this area of the island of Bali is one of the most trafficked, so parking can become a nightmare.
We advise you to go to the area of the Sheraton hotel, where there is a small shopping center, next to the McDonalds, where you can park in a covered paid parking. We were about two hours and the price was 8000 rupees, a price for which we believe is not worth going around looking for parking.

2. White Sand Beach

Located in Padang Bai, known for being one of the most famous ports from where fast boats leave from Bali to Gili, this is for us, without a doubt, one of the best beaches in Bali , both for its beach as such, as for the environment, as for the infrastructure it has.

beaches in Bali

Access is free and although there is no parking, you can leave the car or motorcycle at the beginning of the path, on the street, since it is very quiet and usually has free areas to park.

After traveling a small path of approximately 800 meters, in which the ups and downs are the protagonists, like the vegetation that surrounds them, you will reach the sandy area and one of the most beautiful beaches of Bali .
We recommend, besides enjoying the beaches, that you take some time to relax in one of the warungs that are in the same sand, tasting a tasty fresh young coconut. We are sure that you will not forget the experience.

3. Padang Padang Beach

Only 3 kilometers from Pura Uluwatu, one of the essential Bali temples, is this beach which is reached after traveling along a serpentine road and a vast stretch of about 200 meters, all sandy, after which you reach a small parking where you can leave the car or the motorbike.

beaches in Bali

They ask for a donation and sign in a book right at the entrance to the beach. From what we have seen, people usually leave between 5,000 and 10,000, so you should scratch your pocket a little and be generous, that the beach is worth it.

The access to the beach is made after going down (or going up in the opposite direction) 175 steps, which is worth taking with calm, especially if it is a hot day. Visit beaches in Bali and share your experience with us. Check also:

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