Best time to travel to Bali

travel to Bali

We know that this will not help much, but today and after being on the island at two different times of the year, we can say that any time is good to travel to Bali and more lately that time is crazy and the seasons are already They are not as marked as they were a few years ago.

For many travelers, one of the places to visit in Bali is the rice fields and try to find the best time to see them in all their splendor. Keep reading: BASIC SAFETY TIPS WHEN TRAVELING

Best time to travel to Bali

travel to Bali

You must bear in mind that in Bali, there are 3 harvests of rice annually and these are rotating, so they never follow an order and you can find different landscapes on the island, from the most intense green, to the most incredible yellow, going through the moment in which the terraces are completely flooded with water. That is why to see the best rice fields in Bali in its maximum splendor there is no exact time of the year.

That said, we can not ignore the general recommendations to travel to Bali in a matter of time, so in general terms we can say that the stations in Bali could be divided in two, the dry season, which usually includes the months of May to October and the rainy season, also known as monsoon, which usually runs from November to April-May, more or less.

Although as we said earlier, this is not a true science. What’s more, as an example we will tell you that the first time we were in Bali was in June and it rained more than the second time, that we stayed a month, between October and November.

How much time is it advisable travel to Bali?

travel to Bali

Although the tendency would be to say that against more time better, since Bali is a magical destination, if you want to know the places to visit in Bali , we recommend you to be on the island for an average of a week.
With this time you can make different routes around the island, besides enjoying a day or two of relaxation, something you should not forget in a place like the Island of the Gods.

Although this is the average time we recommend, you can get to know the island perfectly in less days and of course, as we said before, in more.

We leave you a series of routes in Bali , classified by zones, so that you can more or less get an idea of the things to see and do in Bali classified by zones.

You can see the places we visited in Bali in the practical guide of the trip to Indonesia by free , from day 12 to 16, days that we travel to Bali, visiting this magnificent island. You may also like:

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