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The Must See Natural Attractions in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, which is why so many people happily endure the long travelling time to get there and visit it. One of the best ways to see New Zealand is by booking New Zealand self drive holidays such as these as that way you […]

Where to stay in Las Vegas: the best areas with cheap cost

Where to stay in Las Vegas

The best areas to stay in Las Vegas are the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown. Each one has its peculiarities that should be known before booking your accommodation. In addition, there are other areas and neighborhoods that are also highly recommended especially if you want to save or have another type of experience without giving […]

Halong Bay Travel Experience | Where, How and When to Visit

Halong Bay Travel Experiences

Are you excited about your upcoming Ha Long tour? It is amazing and interesting to join the tour but you wonder what you need to prepare when traveling. Therefore, Ha Long Dot Net tourism would like to send you some notes when traveling in Ha Long – Where has been recognized as World Natural Heritage.