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Tremendous, Taunton Town History.

Taunton is a Town located on the River Tone that can trace its proud history back to the Bronze and Iron Ages and was the site of a Roman settlement. In much more recent history, in 2006 to be exact, Taunton was decreed as strategically important and the council received a massive regeneration fund for […]

Advantages of Booking a Self Catering Holiday

A number of benefits exist when booking self-catering accommodation compared to an all-inclusive holiday. For one thing, self-catering accommodation tends to be cheaper per person. Self-catering accommodation also means that you are not tied to a strict meal schedule or subject to noisy and crowded hotel restaurants. This means you can enjoy a more relaxing […]

What is a Market Town and Why Should You Visit One?

If you’re looking for a quintessentially English day out then you’d do well to consider the wonderful market towns available across the country. A market town is a small, rural town that has the legal right to hold a weekly market. Famous market towns include Halifax in West Yorkshire, Yeovil in Somerset, and Dorchester in […]