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Dublin Castle – The history

One of the most popular capital cities in Europe for a weekend trip is Dublin – it is bursting with things to do, with beautiful country walks in close proximity, as well as fantastic places to eat – for example Italian restaurants in Dublin such as and of course you cannot go on a […]

The Influences of the Romans on Britain

The history of Britain is a long and complex one – with many invasions and changes made over the centuries, much of our modern world in Britain is made up from past influences and events. One of the largest changes to life in the UK came with the Roman invasion in 43 AD. For over […]

Clearing out the wardrobe for spring

At the moment we cannot go out anywhere or do a great deal. This is hard but better times will come and the key to getting through it is to keep as busy as possible whilst in the home. Sow hy not start tackling those annoying jobs that you have been putting off for ages? […]