Suitcase or Backpack to Go on a Trip: How to Prepare and What to Take

Suitcase or Backpack to Go on a Trip

It is time to go on a trip and you do not know whether to travel with a suitcase or with a backpack. We help you choose according to your trip. We give you our advice on what to carry in your suitcase or backpack and how to prepare it. Do not forget anything at home.

Some people run away from backpacks like the disease. So, they do not call them backpacking. As if by carrying a backpack you would already be part of a group with many other characteristics. Others do not even want to touch a suitcase because they think that it is a short tour. Setup your travel archives for safety.

We are the ones who carry a backpack but only because it is more comfortable for us. Our type of trip is usually quite busy, every day in a place, with a plane, a bus, a car or with stairs in the metro or with races. The easy movement of a backpack does not give a suitcase. It does not make us backpackers. When the trip requires another way of moving or another type of clothing we also use the suitcase.

Suitcase or backpack for your trip, How to choose?

Suitcase or Backpack to Go on a Trip

How to choose whether to carry suitcase or backpack for your trip? The questions you have to ask yourself are: how long will I have to transport my luggage? and, above all, under what conditions?


The time you will take your luggage depends on the amount of travel during the trip and the trip to the first and last destination. If the trip is to a single destination, regardless of the duration, or if during your trip you are not the one who will be responsible for moving your luggage, the ease of access to the clothes offered by the suitcase will give you an advantage. If every day you will have to change your city taking your luggage from one place to another, the transport facility of the backpack will be the one that stands out.


Going up and down trains, walking through a city, going down and up the stairs of the metro … or walking on a dirt road or gravel, are complicated situations to carry out pulling a suitcase for many wheels you have and the backpack will be your greatest ally. Taxis, buses or airplanes are friends of the suitcases – and of the backpacks too.

Other conditions to consider are those of clothing. It is practically impossible to carry something in a backpack and that it does not wrinkle like a raisin. If you have to wear a suit, some shirts, party clothes … the suitcase wins by a landslide. On the other hand, if you need a mosquito net, a sleeping bag, and a towel … you will rarely see that luggage coming out of a suitcase.

One more factor is the noise: that annoying sound of the wheels of the suitcase on the asphalt or on the sidewalks of the cities. You may have read that in Venice they were going to charge a fee to those who carry their suitcases like that through the city of the canals. It’s false, but when the river sounds.


Suitcase or Backpack to Go on a Trip
One plus backpack

We usually use backpacks to travel and, for this reason, we have dedicated this entire article to you: from what to put in your backpack to how to choose the most suitable for each trip, including how to fill it.


How large should a travel bag be? The one that you need. It’s that simple, Unlike backpacks. The suitcase will roll most of the time and only rarely will you need to resort to force to lift it off the ground. My advice never carries a suitcase that you cannot handle. Normally it will be a matter of weight, but also by volume. To this I propose a single exception: if you are moving you may need to carry an almost unmanageable suitcase. But how many of those who are seen in the airports unable to move the zillions of luggage they carry are really moving?

Suitcase or Backpack to Go on a Trip

In addition to being able to handle your suitcase, you have to keep in mind that not everything is allowed on an airplane or at check-in time. The maximum measures, as well as the weight, vary from company to company. The maximum weight of a suitcase for billing is 23 kg (60-70 dollars). In intercontinental flights and business categories, you get 32 kg. As for the maximum measurements of a suitcase to invoice, we speak of 158 cm. It’s weird, and there is no easy correspondence neither with feet nor with inches of longer height wider.


These values vary depending on the flight and the type of ticket. So that, almost all companies have an option that informs you of the maximum allowed when entering the information of your ticket. It is advisable to consult it before arriving at the airport because charges for excess baggage may exceed the price of the plane ticket.

Regarding other means of transport such as buses or trains. In principle, no size or weight restrictions for suitcases. As long as they fit in the trunk or can be placed inside the car without obstructing the passage.

When it comes to comfort: always with wheels, with four wheels. As far as security is concerned: always rigid. What do you want to carry a cloth suitcase for? For that, he carries a backpack.

Once you have decided, we recommend you take a look in the online stores to compare prices, the backpacks are not exactly cheap Here we leave the link to Amazon where you can see the best backpacks to travel and prices.

What to bring and how to pack your suitcase

The list of things to carry in your suitcase or what not to forget, if you prefer is very similar. We are identical to our list of things to carry in your backpack. Since these are things that for the most part go on hand luggage. As in the case of large backpacks, the clothes, shoes, camera and a few other things are put into suitcases.

Suitcase or Backpack to Go on a Trip
Packing suitcase, holding trainers, midsection

What does change is the way to prepare the travel suitcase, although there are things that are very similar. In the case of the backpack, the heavier elements must go in the bottom to stabilize. In the case of the suitcase, the same thing happens: they must go right over the wheels for the same reason. The rest can be placed in layers so that it is stretched. If there is something that we do not want to have the fold mark – a coat, a dress, etc. Other items such as shirts can be placed between the folded sides so that there is no mark.

The underwear, socks, belts and other small pieces, should fill the holes to prevent. Once put in vertical position, the clothes inside move down and crush.

Hand luggage

Carry the type of luggage you carry, whether it’s a suitcase or backpack, you’ll almost always carry hand luggage. That in which to put technology, important papers or things that you do not want to separate for whatever reason. We wrote an entry about hand luggage at the time. Because you also have to know how to choose it and what can and cannot be carried inside.

Suitcase or Backpack to Go on a Trip

What to do if your suitcase or backpack is lost: insurance and claims

If you have a problem with the luggage on the plane: delay, loss or damage. You have the right to claim compensation from the airline. In the same way, if you steal something you can give the part to your travel insurance and receive the corresponding compensation.

After reading our comparison on suitcase vs backpack, your concept is clear that what do you need in your trip. Suitcase or backpack?

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