How to sleep on a plane

How to sleep on a plane

If you’re going on a long plane ride or just want time to pass quickly while you’re on board, sleeping is a good option. In addition, it will help you prevent jet lag and you will better adapt to the time change of your destination. Although the light, the noise, and, above all, the space make it difficult to sleep on board, there are various techniques and methods that will help you fall asleep. We explain how to sleep on a plane so that you can enjoy sleep during your flight.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

Try to sit by the window. It is the most comfortable place since you can lean against the wall and you can also close the blind so that the light does not enter.

Step: 2

Use a pillow or cushion. You will be more comfortable and you will avoid stiff neck and poor cervical posture. If you can’t bring your own, ask the hostesses for one.

Step: 3

Wear comfortable clothes for the trip. Above all, try to wear several layers so you can put on or take off depending on the temperature. You can also use a mask to prevent light from bothering you

Step: 4

If you usually sleep with music, use your device to relax. In this way, you will also avoid hearing the common noises of the plane.

Step: 5

It is advisable that you have eaten and drunk well before going to sleep, and that you notify the stewardess so that they do not wake you up.

Step: 6

Once the plane has taken off, you can recline your seat to make yourself comfortable. Try not to disturb the subsequent traveler.

Step: 7How to sleep on a plane

If you need it, ask your doctor what you can take to help you fall asleep more easily, even if you don’t need a prescription.

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