Planning a family holiday, travelling and camping around Devon and Cornwall, when you live in Bristol

Ever since the 2019 Covid Pandemic swept our Nation and devastated the travel industry around the world, families everywhere in the United Kingdom have been enjoying “Staycations” together.  With generations of families often travelling together, camping and caravanning has now become the “New Normal” when it comes to holidays.  If you live in and around the Bristol area and are planning a vacation this year travelling around Devon and Cornwall, there is an ideal, easy solution for you and your family when it comes to reliable transportation. A professional, experienced, reliable company such as who specialise in Car Leasing Bristol can provide you and your whole family with one, two, or three vehicles in order for you to complete your journeys.

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Whatever size car suits you best can be provided and you know it will be fitted with up-to-date computer technology, a Satellite Navigation System and Air Conditioning. These cars are reliable and comfortable and having plenty of boot space will prove incredibly useful while you travel around the South Coast. Especially as you are planning to camp and the varied assortment of equipment needed is extensive, having the extra-large boot space will come in very useful.

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All you have to do is put petrol or diesel into your leased vehicles and return them in the condition you received them and then go and enjoy your “Staycation” with your whole family.

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