Four Amazing Apps For A Stress-Free Vacation

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, not stressful. While you may think that you have everything prepared to enjoy a stress-free vacation, events don’t always go as planned just like the games at You might end up missing your flight, your hotel might cancel your booking at the last minute, or you may have to escape extreme weather conditions.

Many vacation stresses are out of your hands, but there are some great apps, curated by casino bonus, available to make your vacation go as smoothly as possible (and adapt quickly in case a part of the trip does go wrong).


Having safe and secure accommodation takes a lot of stress out of travelling. With the app, it’s easy to search Airbnb for the perfect vacation stay for your needs. No matter if you’re going to a tropical location or to the North Pole, chances are that Airbnb has a listing you’ll like.

Booking is easy with the app or a web browser. All you need to do is select the location of your dreams, add the date, and specify the number of guests, and Airbnb will bring up everything that matches your criteria in the area you’ve selected. There are remote cabins, convenient apartments in bustling city centres, off-the-grid properties, and even mansions in the desert.

A valuable aspect of Airbnb is the ability to communicate with your host directly by writing them an email inside the app. Airbnb has a personal feel that allows travellers to find a place quickly. And if your host does cancel, you can likely find something else (depending on where you’re looking) within minutes. This app takes a huge amount of stress away from anxious travellers.

Google Translate

If you’ve arrived in a city where you don’t speak the language, chances are that you will feel like a fish out of water. Even if you have a trusty handbook or dictionary by your side, an app has various other benefits. For example, the Google Translate app allows you to quickly type in what you want to say in your own language and translate it into any language listed.

Another benefit of this app is that it allows you to scan any text you see and translate it on the spot. So if you’ve sat down at a restaurant and have no idea what the menu says, you can quickly translate it by holding your phone above the text. The screen will use augmented reality to show your language over the original language.

Google Maps

Not knowing where to go ahead of time is a recipe for a stressful vacation. Luckily, Google Maps allows you not only to see where you are, but also to get walking, driving, biking, or public transit directions to the location you need to go.

You can type in street names, hotels, restaurants, and landmarks with relative ease. You can also download the app on your phone or tablet and save an area for when you’re offline. This way, if you fear having no Wi-Fi or if you are in a location where you can’t use cellular data, you’ll still be able to find your way around.


If you’re an anxious traveller, the Flightradar24 app will help calm your nerves. This app is designed to give you an insight into any flight in the world. You can search for individual flights using the flight number, airport, or airline. The app allows you to view arrival and departure boards, flight statuses, aircraft on the ground, delay stats, and weather conditions.

If you’re afraid of flying and need some reassurance, the app also allows you to view historical data and watch playbacks of past flights. This way you can check out the plane you are about to board for that extra bit of reassurance. Another interesting feature of the app is that it allows you to point your phone at the sky when you see a flying plane to get information on it.

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