10 Tips for traveling for the first time

The first plane trip can be a bit disturbing, so at Assist Card we share the best secrets that will help you enjoy the trip.

Are you about to travel by plane for the first time? Traveling by plane for the first time is exciting from start to finish. From the moment you arrive at the airport and start with the controls until you finally get on the plane and you are about to take off, if it is your first time, pay close attention to these tips for traveling for the first time.

The travel tips that will make your first experience a unique moment:

Carry-On Luggage

having the documentation at hand, easily accessible, will be the first tip that we suggest you register. Why?

Because At All Times

when you arrive at Check-In, do Migrations, and buy in the free shop, until the moment you get on the plane, your passport, flight ticket, and perhaps some other document will be asked of you. It is ideal that you carry this information with you in the front pocket of your handbag. On the other hand, leave room in your handbag to add your cleaning products: toothpaste, toothbrush, alcohol gel, deodorant, and some wet wipes. Remember: you can take all these products as long as they do not exceed 100 milliliters.


you have to bring a passport or identity document, a plane ticket (it can be online), and travel assistance (you can have it downloaded in the company’s app).

Leisure Time

what does it mean? what you should take with you those distractions of your free time: a book, headphones, a tablet, a card game, something simple to carry, practical and light and really useful to pass the time without getting bored and above all to think about the hours that remain to reach a destination.

Tips for traveling by plane for the first time

Now you are ready to leave your home for the airport. Just remember that you are going to a place where you will be watched, checking that you do not carry materials, food, or any other prohibited object with you during a flight. Such as liquids, aerosols, etc.

Airport Departure Time

Being that it is the first time you travel, do everything with time (we would say with more time than is usually recommended, which is 2 to 3 hours before the flight) and leave your home to arrive 4 hours before the airport. It will be a great ally to have time in your favor.


Now that you have arrived and entered the airport, visualize the name of your airline and approach the check-in windows. Currently, many airlines have check-in machines prior to making the line to deliver the bags. In both cases, it’s time you have your flight number handy and your passport. At this time you will be able to hand in your suitcase and re-confirm (or obtain) your seat number.

Security Controls

You will have two moments of control, on the one hand where they check your handbag and you. Basically, they scan everything, yes even you, to make sure you’re not carrying harmful, prohibited items for the flight. And then, the last control is the migration control where they corroborate your personal data and take a photo and scan your fingerprints.

Boarding Gate

Keep the baggage ticket in a safe place, you will need it when you land to be able to pick it up, now go to the number of your door/gate that appears on your plane ticket. And wait there until boarding time.

Take Off And Landing

The time has come! Enjoy it and trust those who have years of experience flying from one end to the other, connecting stories, places, and families. Upon entering, show your flight ticket to the flight attendant so she can tell you which wing of the plane you must walk to get to your seat. Look above for the signs located below the compartments to store your carry-on bag, your seat number, and your letter. The order of the letters means the seat that you get, window, or aisle. Fasten your seatbelt and pay attention to the instructions during the flight. Do not worry! No one is exempt from turbulence. Think that the plane is the safest way to travel.

Arrival And Baggage Claim

Depending on the destination, you may have to go through migrations again, and if so, by following the signs you will easily reach the place. Here again you must present your documentation and once approved, you will go to collect your suitcase. Look for the number of your tape on the screens that appear indicating the flights that have arrived. There you can find your suitcase.

Transfer To Accommodation:

When leaving the airport you will find options for all tastes and purchasing power: public transport, taxis, combis. Choose the option that suits your travel style and rush to your accommodation. It’s time for a shower, a little rest because the holidays have already begun.

Remember to make your entire trip accompanied by the best company in travel assistance. Go to www.assistcard.com/pe and quote your medical coverage. No one is exempt from the unforeseen during a trip.

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