What is the most beautiful castle in Germany? Find out here

most beautiful castle in Germany

Years ago we visited the Neuschwanstein Castle in winter. It is the most beautiful castle in Germany. I still remember how the train that took us to Fussen from Munich was pushing large amounts of snow. The castle was beautiful, but many of its accesses were closed by ice or even its mountains adelañas by avalanches. This left me with a thorn in my head and years later I decided to return in Autumn, the most beautiful station to visit the Neuschwanstein or the castle of the crazy King as he is also known.

Most beautiful castle in Germany

At first, book tickets online. Something fundamental if we want to enter at a specific time since the visits is strictly guided. In fact, in summer it is possible that one stays up without entering. At least in the Autumn, I noticed that there were still tickets for the last hours of the day, yes, if you wait more than 1 hour of the queue at the box office. Online tickets have preferential access and the wait is nil.

most beautiful castle in Germany

They divide the tickets into several packages depending on what we want to visit:

  • Castle Neuschwanstein
  • Castle of Hohenschwangau
  • Museum of the kings of Bavaria

You can buy the ticket individually or through a combination of 2 or 3 visits. The separate castles leave for just over €13 and about €11 the museum. If we choose the three, it comes out for just over €30. We opted for the castles of Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein.

The Hohenschwangau castle was the first we visited. A day before we had traveled the area making a route to the castle of the king crazy mountain, a route of the most spectacular and that left us views like this.

As in the visit to the castle of Neuschwanstein, the Hohenschwangau castle is also governed by a rigid and guided schedule. In fact, there is security on the door that prevents you from entering if your ticket is associated with a different time.

Nor can you take pictures inside so we can not show you details, a shame. Inside we can see emblems with the famous Bavarian lion and the Prussian eagle. Rooms with exquisite paintings and, as is logical, we can even see where the last Bavarian king slept.

It’s beauty

Neuschwanstein Castle

Everything is adorned with oak and cherry furniture, hand-finished. The silver could not be missing in a castle of kings as well as a dance hall and festivities. Of all this, perhaps the most curious detail was the room that the king had for the composer Richard Wagner. The reason was not only for the love of the music of King Luis II, but both had a small adventure.

Neuschwanstein Castle, we visited in the afternoon. Just when there is a less influx of tourists and when the cold makes an appearance. Like the Hohenschwangau castle, we have to wait behind lathes until our time comes.

The wait is pleasant because from its entrance there are great views towards the mountains and the bridge from where the typical photo of the castle is made. The bridge is in fact located on top of a waterfall and there are occasions that have to put a stop to the number of people crossing it.

The bridge


From the Neuschwanstein castle to the bridge there is a 10-minute walk. Therefore, it is recommended to go 1 hour before the visit but we want to be waiting at the door or in the village.

The visit is spectacular, but I still keep the views that can be seen from the nearby mountains. Views that few people know but that is really worth doing.

As in the previous case, the photographs are forbidden inside. A much nicer interior than Hohenschwangau, despite the modern and coarse appearance that it appears. Of its interior, it emphasizes the room of the throne and its murals, the room of the singers and the dormitory of the king.

Surroundings of Neuschwanstein

Surroundings of Neuschwanstein

The area gives a lot to give. To start where Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau are located there are several lakes, each one more beautiful. Some of them are even navigable through a romantic boat.

Two are the main lakes, the Alpsee and the Schwan or Lake of the Swan. The first one arrives immediately from Hohenschwangau. On the other, we have to make a gentle hiking route of just over 45 minutes.

In the middle of the two castles, there is a road surrounded by restaurants and souvenir shops. The prices are high, but we always find something fairly affordable like a hot dog.

And, if all this were not enough, the medieval fortress can boast of having electrical installation, hosting the first mobile phone in history, covering only 6 meters, and best of all, spectacular views of the Bavarian Alps. So do not wait any longer to discover everything that this unforgettable castle can offer to the most curious tourists. A must-see that will allow you to travel to distant eras, the ideal place to feel like a member of royalty and live your own fairy tale.

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