You may not be using the storage space in your garage efficiently. We all fill our garages up with clutter when we could use the space in a smarter way. Here are some tips to make your garage work for you, not against you.

Add shelving units to your wall space so that you can organise and structure items. It will be easier to locate things, which makes jobs faster. Hooks and rails are also available to hang larger tools, such as shovels and picks.

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Purchase a few inexpensive clear containers you can label. You can organise your items in a systematic way and stop the frustration of searching for that long-lost screwdriver. You can store things in containers, anything you have around. For example, jars or bottles to store loose screws and nails.

No one would blame you if you didn’t want to spend any time in an old garage. It’s cold, draughty, filled with spiders, and the door sounds like it belongs to a haunted house. Clear out the garage, re-air it and consider Garage Doors Swindon. Find a Range of Garage Doors in Swindon at Up and Over.

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Do not overlook the space available in your garage’s ceiling. This is the ideal place to store items that you don’t need very often. For example, Christmas trees, tents, and decorations. You can hang storage bins from the ceiling to increase your storage space.

The garage can quickly become crowded with gym equipment and bicycles, which take up a lot of space. A DIY bike rack is a great way to save space in your garage.

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