How long does a Tesla car battery last?

As technologies have improved, the performance capabilities of electric vehicles (EVs) have soared. These performance increases have made EVs a more popular vehicle option for many, particularly as innovative brands such as Tesla are working hard to push the boundaries and deliver luxury driving experiences.

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The lifespan of EV batteries

When purchasing an expensive EV such as a Tesla, it is important to consider the potential lifespan of the battery. This is quite a difficult question to provide a definitive answer to, particularly as battery technologies are always improving. In the last ten years alone, many changes have been made to the structure of batteries and their cell chemistry.

The Tesla Model S was released in 2020 and came with an eight-year warranty that covered unlimited mileage; however, this guarantee was subsequently revised to cap the mileage at 150,000 miles. Other less costly Teslas, such as the Model 3 RWD and the Model Y, have shorter mileage warranties of between 100,000 miles and 120,000 miles.

Replacing a Tesla battery

As this Business Insider article explains, replacing a Tesla battery can be very costly. Vehicle owners should expect to pay between $5,000 (over £6,000) and $7,000 (over £8,500) depending on their model. Batteries are notoriously expensive; however, as technologies continue to improve, these costs may fall over time.

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Tesla battery degradation

Tesla states that during the duration of the warranty period, its batteries have a 30 per cent degradation rate. This means they will maintain at least 70 per cent of their original, brand-new capacity; for example, the Model Y has a 303-mile performance range, so the battery should still be delivering a 212-mile performance range on a full charge by the end of the eight-year warranty period.

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