Best thai food in phuket town: What to eat in phuket?

Best thai food in phuket town

If there is anything that fills any Thai with pride, it is her kitchen. Thai food is undoubtedly among the best in the world and that is why in many large cities around the globe Thai restaurants abound. Stroll through places as far away from Bangkok as San Francisco, Sydney or even Budapest and you will see many thais restaurants. Even in cities like Guatemala City or Bogota I have eaten at good Thai restaurants in Pukhet town. Let’s discover the best Thai food in phuket town.

Thai cuisine mixes the flavors in the same dish in a unique way. The same dish can be sweet, sour, salty and spicy at the same time. This, which usually hits people who are not familiar with Thai food, is what makes their enthusiasts fall in love. If you are one of those who takes the ham on a trip and they do not take it out of the home kitchen, I recommend you open your mind a little in Phuket and try different dishes – just keep an eye on the chilies and check out the things to see in pukhet.

Best thai food in phuket town

Best thai food in phuket town

1) Pad Thai

The most famous dish in the country. It is fried rice noodles with range or chicken, as you prefer, made with egg, tofu, vegetables and, the secret ingredient, a sauce with tamarind base and palm sugar. They say that Pad Thai was invented to differentiate Thai from Chinese cuisine. Anyway, today is the favorite dish of tourists. Thai also eat it but less.

It’s spicy? In 90% of cases no. In the south, it can be spicy somewhere.

Price: 50 THB at a local restaurant / THB 180 at a more elegant restaurant

2) Som Tam

Som Tam is a papaya salad typical of the Isan region, the largest and most populated area of ​​Thailand and the least visited. In addition to the papaya, it carries chili, garlic, tomato and peanuts. It is seasoned with a fish sauce. It’s a little special, not everyone likes but who we eat, we love. I advise you to give more than one opportunity to get the point. It is eaten with caoñiao, sticky rice.

It’s spicy? Normally enough. It is important to order it not spicy. If you do not eat spicy, it is best to notify the waiter by saying: Mai sai prik krab (do not put chili).

Price: 40/80 THB

3) Khao Pad Saparod

In addition to the Pad Thai, the Khao Pad Saparod is the typical dish that almost everyone will like. It is fried rice with prawns or chicken, pineapple, egg, cashews, raisins and fish sauce. It is made with curry powder so it also has a touch of curry flavor. Excellent option for children.

It’s spicy? Never.

Price: 60/80 THB

4) Kai Pad Med Mamuang

The Kai Pad Med Mamuang is one of my favorite dishes from Thailand. It is a dish of chicken, cashews, pepper, onion, mushrooms and everything with a sauce made of oyster and soy sauce. It is rarely eaten alone, it is usually accompanied by a plate of white rice or, better, brown rice.

It’s spicy? Rarely.

Price: THB 80 at a local restaurant/THB 180 at a more elegant restaurant

5) Pad Krapau

The Pad Krapau is a dish that people usually eat in fast foods, for example in the rest during the working day. It is a plate of rice with chicken with chili and basil. It is made with an oyster and pepper sauce.

It’s spicy? It usually is.

Price: 50 THB

5) Pad Siuw

Pad Siuw – for those who are already thinking about it, pad means sautéed – is a plate of sautéed noodles with chicken, egg, pepper, garlic and made with oyster sauce. The noodles are bigger and stickier than those of the Pad Thai with what is not a dish that usually has so much success. The texture of the noodles may seem strange at first.

It’s spicy? Never.

Price: THB 60

7) Kai Tod

Kai Tod does not have much secrecy. It is chicken wings breaded with garlic and parsley. The secret is in the batter that marks the difference between the good and the not so good;)

It’s spicy? Never.

Price: THB 100

8) Kuai Tieow

The noodle soup par excellence of Thailand. The Kuai Tieow is the middle country dinner and it is sold in almost every corner. It is basically a street dish or a humble restaurant. There are endless variations of Kuai Tieow. Almost every paradita has its own style, both with noodles and broth or fish balls, tofu or chicken. It is a dish that is made in a moment simply by quickly soaking the noodles in the boiling broth and adding the rest of the ingredients. In a couple of minutes you have it at the table.

It’s spicy? Never.

Price: THB 45

9) Yam Ma Khwa Yao

It is an aubergine salad with fish sauce, lemon, chives, eggs and dried prawns. It has a sweet-salty taste and, sometimes, something spicy. It is not found in all restaurants since it is a special dish. I recommend trying it together with the grapefruit salad (Som-O).

It’s spicy? Sometimes.

Price: THB 150

10) Kai / Mu Satae

The Kai Satae are skewers of chicken while the Mu Satae, of pork. The skewers are barbecued and they eat a delicious peanut salad. It is an Indonesian dish adapted by Thais that is often seen and serves both dinner, along with something else, as a quick snack to kill hunger.

It’s spicy? Sometimes.

Price: THB 150


Tea with Thai milk is usually cold, with lots of ice. Normally hot tea is mixed with condensed milk and sugar, then pour it in a long glass until ice. The drink is therefore quite sweet. It is typical of southern Thailand and is usually prepared in a very special way.

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