5 tips to save big on the hotel


Want to afford a luxury vacation at an affordable price? Here are five tips to help you save big on hotel rooms.

By taking advice from your relatives and friends, you can save big on a hotel without sacrificing quality or the services and amenities you are entitled to expect. However, is this the only way? Here are some tips to help you save more.

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1. Use comparison sites

Several well-known websites do a great job to find you the best hotel accommodation rates.

  • These sites avoid the headaches associated with a laborious search on one site at a time to be able to compare information. Indeed, they display the price of several hotels side by side on one page.
  • A quick online search gives you the name of reliable websites to use in your area.
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2. Opt for independence

The large hotel chains intend to make profits, whatever the methods used.

  • To save money on hotel stays, you can often enjoy an excellent offer of lesser-known private hotels that are not necessarily at the heart of the action.
  • Here too, word of mouth or a search on the Internet will allow you to discover these little treasures.



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3. Travel off Season

Often, if not always, hotels significantly increase their prices on weekends and holidays.

  • If you are looking for a hotel room at a better rate, consider traveling and staying in an off-season hotel or mid-week.
  • The basic laws of supply and demand dictate hotel prices. During the week, supply generally exceeds demand, thus reducing the price of the rooms.
  • At the last minute, if there are vacant rooms, the prices are given an additional discount.
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4. Look for professional discounts

Many companies offer discounts to employees who need to travel.

  • They can actually save 40% in some cases so do not hesitate to contact your employer before traveling.
  • Members of certain associations also benefit from reduced prices for their members.
  • You can still ask your relatives and friends if they know someone who works in the hospitality industry to see if you can benefit from a special rate.

5. Take advantage of loyalty programs

Almost all hotels rely on their reward and loyalty programs.

  • Although some programs are better than others are, they offer, for the most part, some form of discount for booking your next getaway in their facility.
  • If you do not have a membership card, consider booking a hotel in which you have already stayed and made your loyalty known to the booking agent or the manager.

As with everything, it is essential to do research and undertake proper preparation to save on your next trip.

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