4 Tips for Successful Motorized Travel


Traveling by motorized or VR allows you to explore the road and comfortably go where you want, but good planning is essential to ensure a pleasant journey.

Organizing your motorized vehicle, planning and anticipating potential complications are important steps to take before leaving your home. Here are some tips to ensure the success of your motorized trip.

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1. Book in advance

Although part of the fun of traveling by motorized is the freedom it provides, it is worth the cost of doing a minimal planning. One of the great benefits of traveling with a motorized is to avoid stays at the hotel, which usually represent a significant portion of the overall costs of a trip.

Sometimes you will have to pay extra fees to rent a place in a caravan park, so consider reserving certain campsites in advance to avoid arriving at a site that is already fully booked.

During the high season, you may arrive at a site and discover that it is fully booked if you do not have a reservation.

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2. Plan your route

Consider planning to ensure that your route allows sufficient clearance under the decks and on which bridges, tunnels, and roads it is prohibited to drive a propane tank, thus avoiding any legal or serious accident.

Calculate how long it will take each day to get to your destination and do not plan to spend too much time on the road in one day.

If you are not already a member, consider joining the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA). The CAA covers Canada as a whole and provides roadside assistance when needed.

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3. Make provisions

Although it is obvious that you will carry the necessities, it is important to make an accurate list.

Make sure you have kitchen equipment, medicines, lots of food, camping equipment, and tools in case of a tire breakdown or repair. Not to mention a battery backup, if you have enough space.

Your checklist may vary depending on the nature of your trip, especially if you intend to ski, bike or any other activity requiring special equipment.

If you are inexperienced with RV trips, learn to check the water levels for the shower, how to recharge a battery and how to operate a generator.

Look for tutorials and follow the advice of more experienced motorized enthusiasts than you should allow you to prepare the ins and outs of your motorized journey.

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4. Assign tasks

If you are traveling with other people, make sure that everyone knows how to get rid of sewage, use the propane system and connect to the power supply of a campground.

Assign tasks early and work on a rotating basis to avoid disputes.

Ultimately, planning your motorized trip should be approached as a fun activity that will allow you to live a dream vacation. Taking care of potential problems in advance and traveling smartly will allow you to turn your dream into reality.

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