Visit the best swimming pools in the world

best swimming pools in the world

Plan a trip in style and choose your destination after seeing our top 10 of the best swimming pools in the world. If you are one of those, who think that there is nothing better than diving into a pool and enjoying incredible views while giving a few laps, attentive to our recommendations.

Best swimming pools in the world

Hanging pools in an idyllic setting

1) Hanging pools in an idyllic setting

We started the ranking with one of the most photographed pools in the world, the main attraction of the Ubud Hanging Gardens hotel complex in Bali. A hotel that integrates harmoniously in the landscape and that, since its inception, promotes the style and traditions of the local population.

The key element of this complex is its swimming pool, arranged on two levels and covered with the slate that seems to emerge from the jungle. Its wavy shape integrates perfectly with the slopes that surround it and give the sensation to the swimmer of being swimming over the treetops. Swimming is fun and doing it in a place like this is unforgettable.


2) Swimming with views of the Alps

A safe bet for winter or summer is this pool with spectacular views of the Alps at The Cambrian Adelboden hotel in Switzerland. A pool that you can enjoy all year round and where to disconnect is easier thanks to the grandeur of the landscape.

The perfect option if you run away from destinations crowded by tourists seeking sun and high temperatures. Enjoy a bath with a winter touch after a day of skiing or hiking.

Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena in Ibiza

3) Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena in Ibiza

Our national bet comes with this pool on a cliff over 180 meters high — a show for any swimmer that you can enjoy thanks to the Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena in Ibiza. For us, there is no better plan than a bath in this 5-star spa contemplating one of the best sunsets in the Mediterranean.

full-color pool

4) A full-color pool

If you are looking for something interesting, do not miss the Red Pool in Thailand. A pool that you can find in The Library, an avant-garde and minimalist style hotel located on the third largest island in the country.

Its tiles in red, orange and yellow have achieved a brilliant ruby red that leaves no one indifferent. Enjoy a bath in the also known as ‘ big pool of blood ‘ and boasts photos this holiday.

Safari from the water

5) Safari from the water

Our wildest recommendation is this Swala Sanctuary pool with views of elephants and antelopes in Tanzania. Surrounded by unspoiled nature in the Tarangire National Park, the sanctuary is a luxury camp with ecological tents that will change your idea about going camping.

The pool integrates perfectly in a scenario where the protagonists are the wild animals and the typical baobab trees of Africa.

Swimming pool on the 24th floor

6) Swimming pool on the 24th floor

The Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao offers a breathtaking view from its 24th-floor swimming pool. A structure with panoramic views of one of the largest cities on the planet and its asphalt.

Feel an adventurer thanks to this pool that removes hiccups to anyone, without giving up the comforts offered by this 4-star hotel.

Lush outdoor swimming pools

7) Lush outdoor swimming pools

Discover the essence of India in this complex in the ‘city of dawn,’ The Oberoi Udaivilas. A hotel surrounded by greenery that has a majestic outdoor pool that borders its rooms.

Swimming becomes a unique experience thanks to a background scenario with views of Lake Pichola and ivory buildings.

Pool over the Mediterranean

8) Pool over the Mediterranean

On the Amalfi Coast, we find a fantastic infinity pool with sea views, a terrace on the Mediterranean. The Hotel Belmond Caruso is an old palace from the 11th century built on the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast.

An exquisite retreat that has as a flagship a swimming pool built on the highest point of Ravello.

Marina Bay Sands Resort pool

9) A bathroom pool surrounded by luxuries and glamor

The Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore is one of the most luxurious and glamorous hotels in the world. A complex that is characterized by having a huge platform of 340m that falls on 3 huge towers and ends on the largest cantilevered public platform in the world.

In addition to its spectacular facilities, the star of the crown is its infinity pool located on the Sands Skypark platform at the height of 200 meters.

largest pool in the world

10) The largest pool in the world

In Chile, we have a record pool, the largest in the world and also the deepest. It measures more than one kilometer long and at its deepest point reaches 35m deep.

Find this unique pool in the San Alfonso del Mar holiday complex, where in addition to taking a bath you can take diving, windsurfing, kayaking or sailing lessons. Plan an unforgettable vacation and fill your luggage with your favorite swimwear collection. Enjoy the best swimming pools in the world with style. Which is your favorite?

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