Tremendous, Taunton Town History.

Taunton is a Town located on the River Tone that can trace its proud history back to the Bronze and Iron Ages and was the site of a Roman settlement. In much more recent history, in 2006 to be exact, Taunton was decreed as strategically important and the council received a massive regeneration fund for an intuitive, labelled “Project Taunton” allowing deprived areas such as Firepool and Tangier, as well as the retail centre to be awarded much needed regeneration time and money.

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Living in Taunton you are close to both town and country and having the M5 Motorway on your doorstep makes it an ideal place to live, travel and visit. With its culture and heritage alongside Taunton’s rich history there are plenty of places to visit both locally and further afield. Having access to a reliable car is a great bonus and those families wise enough to invest in safe, secure, Garage Doors Taunton supplied by a professional company such as are reaping the benefits because their vehicles are kept roadworthy, clean, safe and secure.

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Founded in 1615 by Robert Grey, the Grey’s Alms-houses was a safe place for single women who were unable to care for themselves. In the 12th century a Leper Colony was founded at St Margaret’s Alms-houses in Taunton and after being carefully restored is now a Grade 2 listed building. Certainly, with a rich and tremendous history of helping the sick and the poor of their community, Taunton continues to help its residents prosper and flourish.

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