The Spooky Stories of Oystermouth Castle in Swansea

Swansea is a city that has it all – from the many historical sights which date back centuries, to the modern facilities and businesses in the area like this web design Swansea based company

As well as this, Swansea is well known for its beautiful beaches which attract many people each year who are looking for all the fun of the beach, as well as many nearby natural beauty spots, perfect for relaxation.

One of the biggest historical attractions in Swansea has to be Oystermouth Castle. This huge historic building dates back to the 12th Century, and its ancient walls are home to plenty of history. It is little wonder that it is also considered to be one of the most haunted places in Swansea!

When it was first built the castle was used as the home of the Marcher Lords of Gower. It was used to prevent attack from locals as it was then under the control of Henry III of England. Over the centuries however, the castle became less important, and by the 17th Century, it had fallen into a state of disrepair.

It was more or less a ruin for many years, until it was restored around 1840. From then it has been kept in a good state of repair and is now looked after by Swansea council.

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The castle has a long history as you would imagine, and many people have reported spooky goings on in and around the castle.

Staff who were working at the castle reported many strange events. Whilst working, a contractor saw a figure walk across the grounds towards them. Nothing too unusual – however, the figure then walked straight through the castle wall and continued to walk off in the direction of the village nearby!

The same people working on the castle at this time, also heard footsteps walking along the passageway. At the time they were working there, the castle was locked and closed, so they were sure that they were the only people on the site at the time. They went to look in the passage that the footsteps were heard in – but there was nobody there!

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Another very strange happening that was reported at the castle was a column of smoke that was seen rising from the side of the gate house. When the person, who was giving a tour at the castle at the time went to see if there was a fire there, the smoke started to change form and become the shape of a woman. Although a fire was investigated, there was no sign of there ever having been one there.

Other reports speak of a woman who can be seen sobbing in the castle grounds. One family who witnessed this say that the lady is dressed in white, and although appears to be crying makes no sound. The back of her dress is ripped, and many marks can be seen on her back as if she was whipped.

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