Which Period Features Are Most Popular with London Property Buyers?

Nostalgia is a growing trend among home buyers, and many people are looking for period features in their homes. London has a wealth of period properties to choose from, with Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian homes being especially popular. Although these periods are often lumped together, they all have distinctive features that make them popular with home buyers.

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The Georgian Period

The Georgians often built their homes in grand terraces. These can be seen in cities such as Bath or Brighton but also feature strongly in the London market, especially in areas such as Regents Park and Mayfair. The period features you will find here include a fan window above the door, intricate ceiling roses and ornate plasterwork. Georgian houses are often characterised by high ceilings which allow a lot of light and ventilation to circulate the room. These homes have often been converted into flats, and as some of them are over 200 years old, you should have an in-depth survey carried out before parting with your money. Sam Conveyancing is a good option. When looking to get a home buyers survey London has plenty of providers.

The Victorian Period

The Victorians were influenced by Gothic architecture, so expect gables, tall chimneys, pointed windows and porches. If you like quirky properties with lots of nooks and crannies, this period may be ideal. Victorians built to last, and they were proud of their accomplishments. You will often find a brick above the doorway etched with the date the property was built, which provides an interesting feature. To house their many servants, Victorians made use of the attic space. This is popular today because this space is easy to convert into an extra floor. Knightsbridge and Chelsea are where you will find lots of Victorian properties.

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The Edwardian Period

Edwardians found it easier to travel, as they had a great railway service. This meant that they could move out to the suburbs and have a lot of land. Many Edwardian properties feature large gardens, which are popular with property buyers today. These are easy to find in areas such as Hampstead and Richmond. They are characterised by their large bay or sash windows, which buyers find delightful. Gables are also a popular feature of Edwardian properties. They do not have as many floors, as live-in servants were becoming less popular, so attic space wasn’t needed. They often expand outwards rather than upwards.

Period features are increasingly popular now, and London is a great place to find them. They provide interesting quirks and a talking point for home buyers who want to embrace the nostalgia and the romance of the past.

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