Travel Worldwide: 10 Essential Apps Make Travel Easier

Travel Worldwide with 10 Essential Apps

Whether you plan to plan your next trip or if you are lucky enough to be on the road. You have to know that there are a lot of essential apps that will help you to travel worldwide and if you want to share your experiences with others.

The first thing we need is a mobile terminal or a tablet. The following will install the apps that suit us from Google Play platforms for Android or App Store if you are an Apple user. There are plenty of them, hundreds of thousands, millions. We will see the most interesting or useful for travelers.

10 Apps essential to make your trip and travel worldwide easier


Travel Worldwide with 10 Essential Apps

This is your home.  One of my favorite apps that will not only help us find that desired accommodation, but contact a native host who will give us a first impression of the place or city where we stayed. From a room to an entire villa. An apartment in the heart of Tokyo, a Lava cave in Greece, a Loft Duplex for artists in New York Soho, a tropical Bungalow overlooking a fabulous Thai beach of Ko Pha-ngan. The possibilities are endless. You can filter by price, characteristics (bed, bathroom etc) or services (Wi-fi, parking, smoking etc). You can see if what they offer is close to the nerve center.

Do not forget that you can become a host by offering space or sharing with travelers from all over the world in search of rest and comfort.


Travel Worldwide with 10 Essential Apps

Transient insanity. If there is an App that will make you crazy for a shot, that is Snapchat. The increasingly popular application is a combination of a passing and sweetened blog and a fast-food chat. Where the shared lasts less than nothing. Perhaps, the most interesting proposal, crazy and with possibilities of which we have commented. One of those Apps essential to share your experiences, photos or crazy funny way.


Travel Worldwide with 10 Essential Apps
Google map

The world at the click of a button. One of the most used services of the Californian giant. We could naturally associate Google Maps with Google Earth and Street View, making this trinity an excellent tool for the traveller. If you do not just see the traffic in your area, find that restaurant, that street or that Guest house. You can also classify it, rate it or contribute a review. The latest update allows you to access maps offline. So, you cannot lose yourself.

04 # KAYAK

Travel Worldwide with 10 Essential Apps

In search of the best rate.  At a glance Kayak may seem like a simple search engine for hotels, flights and car rental. Quite far from reality. After buying several tickets to India through this platform, we could say that is the one that offers more options and more quickly and effectively. Your “Explore” option allows you to view prices around the globe naturally.


It is the new option “Trips” where the traveller will be able to manage their travel worldwide schedule and share with friends the alerts and flight status. It would have to do a comparison with other apps like Sky scanner, but on a personal level I still think that Kayak is the best way to plan trips and do intensive flight searches.


Travel Worldwide with 10 Essential Apps

Looking for inspiration. A good hybrid between what is a search service for hotels and flights and a great assortment of suggestions from travellers who explain their experiences and share the most emblematic ‘corners’ of the places they have visited. Excellent to know those specific places that you want to visit beforehand.


Travel Worldwide with 10 Essential Apps

One of the first.  It is not my favorite Apps but I recognize that it is a useful tool for the traveler. You can make reservations and organize trips (work or leisure) to any part of the world. The option that I like most is the Discover Places, where you can filter through wildlife, temples, sunsets.


Travel Worldwide
Travel Worldwide with INSTAGRAM

Capturing instants. Rare is who does not have an account on Instagram today. It seems to have become a basic tool for all those people who have something to share, be they experiences, or simply their great moments. Instagram does not make you a photographer. It does not exempt you from making good photos. The traveler will find a good inspiration on Instagram when it comes to sharing in the best way those moments or places that he visits. By the way, our GI account is free to travel worldwide.


Travel Worldwide with 10 Essential Apps
British Museum

In the footsteps of Indiana Jones. Any traveler who wants to travel worldwide to the English capital surely has in mind to visit the British Museum to get lost among Greek statues of Poseidon or shocking Egyptian sarcophagi. Considered one of the best museums in the world and an obvious tourist attraction, it is famous for the number of objects and galleries dedicated to the complete Ancient Rome and Greece, Egypt, Asia, Africa … Impossible to visit everything in a single day. He spoke with the experience of someone who has visited several times and still feel that I have been left with many pieces or rooms to see.


Do not worry. With the British Museum App, you can organize your visit in advance and see the pieces or halls that interest you most. We can access through the map or directly by the theme or the most visited or famous objects’-city devoted to art and the ancestral heritage of the great cultures of humanity. There is a paid version for those who want to access all the content. One of those essential apps for museum lovers.


Travel Worldwide with 10 Essential Apps

A work space. My favorite application and the one I use most in my day to day. Evernote is an advanced virtual notebook where you can save from voice notes to photos, notes, attachments. An elegant and neat work space of perfect synchronization with other devices.


Travel Worldwide with 10 Essential Apps
Travel Worldwide With Tripcase

Direct to boarding gate.  If you are a classic of the airports, boarding lines and Japanese fast-food terminal B. I think the sensible thing is that you install Trip case in your terminal. Control all flights and take that your connection with ease.

So far, our list of essential apps to travel worldwide will help you. Happy journey with adventure of madness.

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