Travel games that your teenagers will love

Travel games that your teenagers will love

Imagine the conditions of travel games. Excited to start your vacation, go out on the road with sunglasses on hand, full gas tank, and GPS set to find the fastest route to your destination. Then you see teenagers sitting in the backseat. The memories of previous travels full of moans, disputes, travel games and headphones that make your trips seem so familiar return.

3 Travel games

Fortunately, this time we prepared ahead of time and planned three travel games. It will help teenagers to disconnect, join in the fun and, maybe, even learn something along the way.

Travel games that your teenagers will love
Travel games

The game Fun facts

The goal of the game Funny Facts is to get to know even more the members of your family. By guessing some funny truths about them. Begin by asking each family member to write an unusual “fun fact” about themselves on a small piece of paper, fold it and place it in a bag. The leader takes a “fact” out of the bag and reads it out loud to the players. The players take turns to guess who owns the “fun fact” and the player with the funniest or funniest facts wins. Repeat the game as many times as you want.


The Game of definitions

The Definitions Game requires that each person access a dictionary application on their mobile phone or tablet. The players look for a word that they believe no one else knows and they write it. Then the players take turns and share the word they chose aloud, and the others write what they suppose the word means. The winner of the game is the one who gives the correct definition or proposes the most credible alternative definition of the word, according to the group’s vote.

Travel games that your teenagers will love

The Game of the celebrities

For the Celebrity Game, players write the names of five celebrities on a piece of paper, fold it and place it in a bag. A person is selected to take celebrity names out of the bag and give clues. Each player has a minute to guess as many celebrity names as he can before the time is up. Play three rounds and award one point for each celebrity name you guessed. The player with the most points wins. Change air ticket:

Road trips can be comforting and memorable experiences that teenagers will remember for life if parents follow some steps to prepare in advance. Having some games ready and bringing paper, pens and a small paper bag before hitting the road. It can help you enjoy your family time to the fullest wherever you go. Safe trips for everyone and let the travel games begin!

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