The benefits of foot massage and easy techniques

According to foot reflexology, all the organs of the body are represented on the foot, so depending on where we give the massage, we can obtain some or other benefits.

The world of massages has become an opportunity to help treat problems ranging from stress to pain. In addition, it is very easy to learn the basics and start putting them into practice. Thus, both you and the people close to you can begin to enjoy the benefits of foot massage. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

In this article, you will find the main benefits of foot massage and some techniques that are easy to learn and put into practice. Thus, you can count on the knowledge necessary to do this type of massage in those moments of tension or fatigue in which it is so necessary.

Massage is a technique that has been used since ancient times in societies such as Asian or Egyptian. It basically consists of rhythmically pressing, rubbing or hitting the outer tissues of the body, acting from the skin and also involving muscles, tendons and joints.

For massage in general, it is not necessary to have specific instruments, you can use your hands, elbows, feet or knees. Usually, the use of a cream or lotion that facilitates friction is also used. It is also not necessary to have a professional massage table or chair, although it is recommended, and it can be done on a mat on the floor or in bed. Visit Waxing in NYC to get the best care of waxing.

Benefits of receiving a foot massage

Massages have many benefits, many of which can be perceived instantly. Broadly speaking, these are the advantages for a person receiving a foot massage.


They favor blood circulation as they help eliminate those waste products accumulated in the bloodstream. This can cause a powerful almost instantaneous relaxation effect.

Control of anxiety

According to a study by Emory University (USA), a good foot massage can help you control anxiety and manage it more effectively.

Pain Relief

The feet are some of the parts of the body that perform more physical activity and that, obviously, support more weight. Excessive exercise or standing too long can cause them to suffer and feel pain. Therefore, a good massage is a great way to give love to those sore tissues.

Improvement of blood pressure

Massages can help stimulate the brain, which promotes the production of oxytocin. This can reduce the heart rate thus helping to control blood pressure and heart rate.

Easy techniques to massage the feet

These techniques can be used by anyone who wants to perform a foot massage in a casual way. Keep in mind the following techniques and tips:

Use a cream or lotion

This will help to make the massage more pleasant and effective for those who receive it. In addition, it will also facilitate the work of whoever does it. You can also do a bit of friction with your hands to help warm both the cream and your hands. Thus, you can improve the comfort of the person receiving the massage and prevent your body from getting tense even more due to the cold.

Make circular movements with your thumbs and moderate pressure to massage the most prominent and round parts of the soles of the feet.

Do not forget the fingers

Gently massage each of the toes and the space between them.

Put relaxing music

To extend the effect of reducing anxiety and increasing relaxation, select a soft and relaxing music . Set it to a low volume.

Practice the foot massage or receive it by putting these tips into practice and start enjoying its benefits. Finally we recommended Spa in Manhattan and Best nail Salon in Manhattan to know more details.

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