What to do at the airport during a stopover?

What to do at the airport

The scales are prevalent in long-distance flights and sometimes can last a lot. In this article, we show you the options what to do at the airport. Travel – for many of us – is the most satisfying that exists and has few negative sides such as the scales with long hours of waiting at the airport, or not?

What to do at the airport?

Maybe you already had to suffer the experience, or perhaps you are about to travel, and the tickets include one or more stopovers if so, do not despair that I will tell you what you can do during those waiting hours.

What to do at the airport

Customs papers

Depending on the destination of the scale, you will have to carry out the customs and migration procedures if it is a country of transit, you will have to carry out these procedures.

Some countries require a tourist visa even for those who make a stopover in that country. Therefore, I recommend you to inform yourself well before traveling.

Other countries, on the other hand, will not ask you to carry out these procedures, but you will have to stay at the airport during the full scale.

Leave the airport on a scale

Yes, you can leave the airport on a level but not always, depends on the number of hours the range lasts and if the country requires extra procedures or not, perhaps the state needs a tourist visa to leave but not to be on a transitory scale, then, in that case, you will not be able to.

The procedures to be carried out to exit during a stopover are the same as when arriving at the final destination: customs and migrations, plus you must bear in mind that when you return to the airport, you will have to carry them out again with your boarding pass and passport in hand. Therefore, you cannot stay too long in the city.

It is essential that upon check-in we check in the baggage to pick it up at the destination and not on the scale, otherwise, we will have to carry the bags during our walk around the city of the range.

Remember: always return to the airport two hours in advance before taking the plane to avoid problems.

Wait at the airport

The airports are very well equipped: you can charge your electronic devices, have lunch or dinner and even walk through the gift shops, on a scale of fewer than 6 hours I recommend that you stay at the airport. Otherwise, you will spend money going to the airport. You and the city will not have time to know almost anything.


Is it your first time at an airport? Do not miss my article where I explain what’s inside an airport so you can get an idea of ​​what you can do to wait at the airport during your stopover.

Each airport is different, and the most convenient is to inform yourself before traveling and decide what to do since if it is an airport in a small city, it is very likely that it has absolutely nothing.

Do I need a visa to make a stopover in the country?

It depends on the country of both the country where the scale will be made and the state of origin of the traveler, for example, to make a stopover in the United States, an Argentine needs VISA, but a Canadian does not.

If, on the other hand, one wants to make a stopover or connection in Panama, a visa is not necessary for the Argentine citizen.

Now it’s your turn to participate. Did you have to travel on a long-haul flight?

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