Basic safety tips when traveling

safety tips when traveling

Safety tips when traveling is always necessary to inform someone, family member or friend, where you will be. The stress and haste in which we live make the need to disconnect from everything ever greater. That can be refreshing and help us return with the “recharged batteries.” But, although in the troubled world in which we live, we can disconnect from the boss, from some relatives.

We do not want them to know where we are going and even from the hundreds of Facebook “friends.” For security reasons, we must always be in communication with someone, be it a family member or a friend. Keep reading: 10 BEAUTIFUL PLACES IN THE CITY OF SANTIAGO

That and the following are some of the safety tips when traveling

safety tips when traveling

1- Send a copy of your travel itinerary to a family member or close friend. If while traveling you change plans, like having an unforeseen hotel or visiting a different city, notify them.

2- Leave a copy of the passports at home and take one with you when you leave your hotel or boat.

3- Check the website of the US Department of State at There you will find travel notices, identified by destination. These include “travel alerts,” for short-term events, such as strikes, outbreaks of disease or risk of terrorist attacks. The “travel warnings.” On the other hand, they are for those high-risk places where you should carefully consider whether it is worthwhile to go because they have frequent terrorist attacks, intense crimes or civil war.

4- Register in the “Smart Traveler Enrollment Program,” (Step), also from the US Department of State. This is a free service that will notify you of any emergency that arises in the place where you are traveling and can be located in case it is necessary for you to leave that destination.

5- Buy your travel insurance and evaluate the type of coverage provided. Some are very basic with compensation only for the loss of luggage or flight delays, among other things, but others are complete and cover travel cancellations for unforeseen events of the visited destination and health problems. The more coverage, the more expensive they can be, but here we always apply a phrase: look at it as an investment and not as an expense.

6- Beware of pickpockets. If you ask yourself where the friends of others are, we have to tell you that there are practically all over the world and the worst thing is that they are becoming more skilled and using more modern tricks. Anyway, you have to take care of your wallet, whether you’re a man or a woman, not only in classic places, like in the streets and train stations but even in churches and monuments.

safety tips when traveling

7- Avoid getting sick by all means. It’s true that nobody gets sick because they want to, but you can put a lot of your part in prevention. For example, beware of street foods, not all can be eaten and on the plane take your hygiene measures, disinfecting with wipes the table to eat and rest arms, and avoid walking barefoot.

8- Do not walk in solitary places. The tourist of today loves to explore, and it is good to use the transport of the premises, to enter the streets of each destination and to mix with his people. However, use common sense and if you see a lonely street do not go.

safety tips when traveling

9- Use registered taxis. Saving a few dollars is always good, but hiring unauthorized (and cheaper) taxi drivers makes you very vulnerable, especially if you have no idea where you are.

10- Look for registered guided tours. They do not have to be those of the ship or the port. Your travel agent can coordinate all the tours, but if you go on your own, use safe and, above all, recommended means before hiring them.

11- If something is suspicious to you, notify the authorities immediately. In these moments where recent terrorist attacks have occurred, it is recommended to be careful in public areas, stay away from political events, be aware of the news of the place visited and if there are public disorders, stay at your hotel.

Follow our safety tips when traveling and have a safe journey. Read how to book a hotel:

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