Pros and cons of air travel that every passenger should know

pros and cons of air travel

When we decide to go on a trip, we must make a series of decisions before doing it: where are we going, how many days will we be, what are we going to see in the break and, most importantly, how are we going to get to the destination. Now, starting the Pros and cons of air travel. 

Each person has their preferred means of transport because, although the function of all is to leave you in the place you want, they offer different comforts. Each transport has its characteristics and we choose one or the other according to our interests, whether due to time, budget or our internal fears. You can use travel apps to calculate costs.

Although you may think that airplanes are only for people with money, it is not like that. Airlines offer many cheap flights that are affordable for almost everyone.

Pros and cons of air travel

Today we are going to talk about the Pros and cons of air travel. For that, we will compare them with other transports.

safest means of transport

1. It is the safest means of transport

The plane is one of the safest means of transport that exists. And we do not say it; There are data that show that an airplane accident occurs, approximately, every 2.5 million trips in this medium. The car is more dangerous than the plane and is still used daily by the majority of the population. A car accident occurs once in every 400,000 trips.

In spite of it, a great part of the citizenship suffers aerobofia. This is fear or fear of airplanes when we are not used to moving in them regularly. It can be a phobia by itself or it can be a manifestation of other phobias, such as claustrophobia.

Shorter trips vs longer waiting times

2. Shorter trips vs longer waiting times

It is an advantage that you are already aware of, we believe. It takes less to reach the destination by plane than by bus, car or train, for example.

The cost of taking less is having to be an hour before boarding if you only carry the small suitcase, and two hours before, if you have to check the large suitcase. Sometimes a train or bird is better to move around the peninsula, in the case of not being willing to wait to leave the destination of origin.

Flight offers

3. Flight offers

The normal thing is that, depending on how far you travel, the tickets are a little more expensive. It is not the same to travel to Italy as to the United States, that is clear. Apart from this, some airlines often take offers on their flights quite frequently. In this way, almost anyone can afford to buy some tickets and improvise a new adventure.

Although at first sight, it may seem one of the most expensive means of transport. It does not have to be so if you know when and to which airline to buy the tickets.

Travel conditioned by climate

4. Travel conditioned by climate

Although the human species has been able to fly through the sky, at the moment it does not have the power to control the climatology. The snow, storm, heavy rain or fog are some of the most common phenomena that make a flight cannot take off at the scheduled time.

If the plane is the safest means of transport in the world, it is because security procedures are extremely demanding. Many times, you choose to cancel a flight before risking any incident.

Airplanes can be canceled for other reasons, such as strikes or breakdowns, but realistically this happens the same in other means of transport.

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