Make use of driving mode to stay safe with your mobile

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t use a mobile phone while driving. In fact, it’s against the law and with good reason. Being distracted by a phone is one of the leading causes of road accidents across the world. If you’ve never used ‘driving mode’ just how useful is it?

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Driving modes are a safety feature that aim to keep drivers more focused on the road and not on their phone even though they might need to use their phone whilst travelling. It includes features such as hands-free and do not disturb. Driving mode is available with both Android and Apple devices and means drivers can use the assistants on the phones instead of diverting their attention to the handset. When it’s time for a new phone, consider Vodafone Dundalk and Go to a Vodafone store in Dundalk

Some do not disturb settings block all incoming calls and notifications whilst supplying a message to the caller that you are driving. The clever part is that if it is urgent, a person can text ‘urgent’ and you will be alerted by sound so that you can pull over and deal with the call safely.

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For Android users, the Android Auto app allows the phone screen to be displayed on the dashboard or entertainment console. Google Assistant can be used in the car to make commands using your voice and this means you can tell it to play certain songs and make phone calls by only using your voice. Spotify also has an app called CarView that makes it easier to see what’s playing without looking at your handset.

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