The Three best DSLR camera for travel

best DSLR camera for travel

Now is the time when you have decided to take the leap and change to a higher level. The diaphragm, the shutter speed, the exposure values do not sound like Chinese anymore. Here we bring 3 best DSLR camera for travel. What you’re looking for is to go a step further and concentrate on finding your image.

  • Could be considered medium-high ranges by characteristics and benefits.
  • All of them with robust and durable bodies that with a minimum of care will only make you think of expanding the equipment with good optics.
  • Each one with the peculiarities of its brand and infinity of configurations.

Special features of best DSLR camera for travel

  1. They have all Wi-Fi modules. You can manage the camera remotely, transfer images, view them and share them on social networks. All with high-quality sensors and also function to record HD video.
  2. The FUJI and NIKON models use APs and OLYMPUS S sensors.  micro four-thirds sensor with conversion factors or objective cut-off of approximately 1.5X for the first two and 2X for the last. By the concept of system and factors of multiplication, together with the ample depth of field that can be obtained, they are ideal cameras for landscape and nature. Continue reading: ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A DESTINY? WE HELP YOU

Here we recommend best DSLR camera for travel with quality-performance models


best DSLR camera for travel

From our point of view, it is highly recommended for travelers due to its discrete weight and size, quality of construction (totally hermetic and metallic body, alloy) and adorable retro concept. It is a machine with controls like before but the ultramodern digital heart with multiple configurations. A quality in the objectives that come in the superb camera kit.

If the budget reaches you, a wide range of optics, especially those with a fixed focus, with the very good quality-price-construction-size ratio.

It is an EVIL system camera, without a mirror, ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER, a change for those who migrate from the reflex system but it is a question of adapting, in exchange for great quality in the 16 Mp sensor and very good JPEG files The screen is pivoting in different angles.

The brand MADE IN JAPAN keeps the firmware up to date. Attentive to the continuous promotions offered by the brand in the form of discounts.


best DSLR camera for travel

The Large reflex-digital system camera with OPTICAL glass prism VIEWER, with a much higher image quality, especially if its quality of not having a pass filter in the DX sensor of 24.2 Mp is obtained, obtaining great definition and sharpness. It is preferable to squeeze all its potential combine it with good objectives.

Large body very well constructed and sealed, magnesium alloy material and polycarbonate high quality, with the good distribution of controls. It has among its many features, double memory card slot, an ultra-fast focusing system with 51 points, wide ISO range, great battery life, and a very wide catalog of objectives and accessories of the famous brand.


best DSLR camera for travel

This EVIL machine is perfect for its restrained size and weight along with low volume optics ideal for travel. Based on the four-thirds 4: 3 microsystem of the 16.1 Mp sensor, electronic viewfinder, and five-axis image stabilization, it produces very sharp photographs. It has an interesting shooting function in high resolution combining eight images a single jpeg file of 40 Mp. You may like also:

Very good construction, prepared for inclement weather, pivoting screen in different angles and variety of objectives. Interesting prices with objectives in the kit.

All of the best DSLR camera for travel has been tested and tested on specialized websites with great results, here we try to discuss some small reviews. You can still find them in physical stores and on the web at discounted prices.

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