Travel to angel falls: World’s highest falls of the world

Travel to angel falls

The Angel Falls is born from the Auyantepuy, one of the most important tepuys. In fact, it could be said that it is one of those places worth dying for. His name in the Pemon language is Kerepakupai Vena. It is commonly known as Angel Falls, in honor of the American aviator Jimmy Angel, who in 1937 overflew the area and landed at the top. Here, we share our travel to angel falls details in short. 

Travel to angel falls

Prepare physically and mentally

1. Prepare physically and mentally

To start the tour you must train a little since the route has intense and difficult walks and climbs. If you have the opportunity, and especially if you are not used to physical activity, exercise a couple of months doing long walks in mountainous terrain.

2. Get ready with “war food”

We already know that, as a good backpacker, you are illiterate antiwar, but it is not about that. Even if you go with a tour in charge of serving you, the long and intense journeys will awaken your hunger. Canned and non-perishable foods are important, but it would not hurt to add nuts, an important source of energy. The key is to balance weight in your backpack with the nutritional benefits of your food.

Bring chocolate


3. Bring chocolate

Even if you are one of those extravagant, intense and incomprehensible beings who do not like it, chocolate helps offset the high caloric expenditure per day. Therefore, a chocolate bar can become your most precious food.

4. Do not forget to include a repellent

Do not forget, seriously. Because it is a 100% natural area it is normal for many insects to live, so it is important to carry a repellent in your backpack so that you do not end up with your blood and fluids sucked on the first day.

5. Bring dry-fit clothes

It is not really mandatory, but given the conditions you will face, it seems fair and necessary. They will undoubtedly make your trip much more comfortable. The weather could vary between 15 minutes of rain and full hours of sunshine before returning to rain torrential for hours. In fact, it is almost certain that you get wet, so take your gym clothes because in such humidity the cotton will never dry.

shoes for trekking

6. The right shoes are vital

Mountaineering shoes are ideal, but the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and that you have used a thousand times because you know that you will not get blisters, which is usually a problem with new shoes. As long as you have a pair that you know will resist all the way, all right.

7. In your suitcase, there is only space for the essential

For the weight of your luggage will go on your shoulders. I can help the guides with some things, but in general, you have to carry your things, your clothes, your food, etc. Think of it as an exercise in material detachment. Remember to take only the essentials and think twice before putting in your backpack things that improve your routine at home, in your city, but that you will not need during the entire trip.

8. Hydration is courtesy of the house.

This is a plus, rather than a tip. You will have multiple natural sources of water drinking in which you can recharge your bottles.

Angel falls

The Angel Falls has an extraordinary fall of 979 meters that is detached from the top of the mountain and was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1994. How to get there There are two options. By air, you can make a visit by plane or helicopter. You should only hire a travel agency to hire an alternative. From the cities closest to the waterfall, Ciudad Guayana and Ciudad Bolívar, there are specialized tourist groups to take this tour.

But the most adventurous and striking option is by land. By air, you are offered a view and a valuable comfort (as well as expensive), but the road on foot is perfect for backpackers if you like the extreme and enjoy ecotourism. Start the journey by crossing the jungle by the Carrao River and the Churun. From there to the Angel Falls viewpoint you will have to walk and climb to cross the jungle for at least one hour.

This type of excursion leaves from the Canaima camp and the journey to the waterfall lasts approximately 13 hours. If your option is (obviously) the second one. Because they will be very useful if you do not collapse emotionally or in your attempt to complete the journey.

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