Things to Do in Columbia Mo: Uncover the Hidden Gems

things to do in columbia mo

Looking for things to do in Columbia, MO? Check out Stephens Lake Park, Shelter Gardens, Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area (Cosmo Park), The Blue Note, Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Missouri, Columbia Mall, Logboat Brewing Company, Ragtag Cinema, Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, Breakout CoMo, David R. Francis Quadrangle Historic District, Mizzou Arena, Grindstone Nature Area, and Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium.

Columbia, also known as “CoMo,” is a beautiful college town with a rich history and plenty of attractions to explore. Whether you’re interested in outdoor activities, live music, shopping, or cultural experiences, Columbia has something for everyone. So, pack your bags and get ready to discover the hidden gems of Columbia, Missouri.

Things to Do in Columbia Mo: Uncover the Hidden Gems


Attractions In Columbia, Mo

Experience the beauty and culture of Columbia, MO with a visit to Stephens Lake Park, Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area, and the Museum of Art and Archaeology. Enjoy live music at The Blue Note and explore the University of Missouri campus.

Don’t forget to shop at Columbia Mall and indulge in craft beer at Logboat Brewing Company.

City Parks and Gardens

When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors in Columbia, MO, the city’s parks and gardens offer a variety of options. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll or a fun-filled day with the family, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

One popular destination is Stephens Lake Park, which spans over 116 acres and features a beautiful lake, walking trails, and a beach area. It’s a great spot for picnicking, fishing, kayaking, or simply enjoying the natural beauty.

If you’re a nature lover, don’t miss the Shelter Gardens, a picturesque botanical garden that showcases a wide variety of plant species. With its vibrant flowers, serene ponds, and charming gazebos, it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Cultural and Entertainment Venues

For those interested in arts and culture, Columbia, MO has a range of cultural and entertainment venues to explore. From live music to art exhibits, there’s always something happening in this vibrant city.

The Blue Note is a renowned live music venue that hosts performances by both local and national artists. Whether you’re into rock, jazz, or indie music, you’re sure to find a show that suits your taste.

If you’re a fan of art, don’t miss the Museum of Art and Archaeology. With its extensive collection of artwork from various time periods and cultures, it offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of art history.

Outdoor and Recreational Areas

Columbia, MO is surrounded by beautiful outdoor and recreational areas, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. From parks to hiking trails, there’s plenty to keep you active and entertained.

One must-visit spot is the Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, known for its unique rock formations and scenic trails. It offers opportunities for hiking, biking, and even spelunking in the Devil’s Icebox Cave.

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging activity, head to Breakout CoMo, an escape room center where you can test your problem-solving skills and have a thrilling adventure with friends or family.

City Parks and Gardens Cultural and Entertainment Venues Outdoor and Recreational Areas
  • Stephens Lake Park
  • Shelter Gardens
  • The Blue Note
  • Museum of Art and Archaeology
  • Rock Bridge Memorial State Park
  • Breakout CoMo
Things to Do in Columbia Mo: Uncover the Hidden Gems


Visitor Information And Tips

Looking to explore Columbia, Missouri? Discover a range of activities and attractions including Stephens Lake Park, Shelter Gardens, The Blue Note, and more. Enjoy the beauty and entertainment that Columbia has to offer.

Location And Geography

Columbia, Missouri, also known as “CoMo,” is a charming city located in the heart of the Midwest. With an area of 67.45 square miles and an elevation of 761 feet, this vibrant destination offers a unique blend of natural beauty and urban amenities. Nestled along the banks of the Missouri River, Columbia boasts picturesque landscapes, including stunning parks and state forests.

Local Events And Activities

When visiting Columbia, you’ll never run out of things to do. The city offers a wide range of local events and activities that cater to all interests and ages. Whether you’re a fan of live music, art exhibitions, or outdoor adventures, Columbia has something for everyone. Don’t miss the chance to catch a show at the iconic Blue Note, explore the exquisite Museum of Art and Archaeology, or enjoy a hike through the scenic Rock Bridge Memorial State Park.

Interesting Facts And History

Columbia, Missouri is not only a vibrant and lively city but also steeped in history. Did you know that Columbia is often referred to as the “Athens of Missouri” because of its classic beauty and college town roots? The city is home to the renowned University of Missouri, a public research institution that has shaped the cultural and intellectual landscape of the region.

For history lovers, the David R. Francis Quadrangle Historic District is a must-visit. This stunning architectural gem offers a glimpse into the city’s past, with its beautiful buildings and rich historical significance.

No trip to Columbia is complete without visiting some of its popular landmarks and attractions, such as the Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area (Cosmo Park) and Stephens Lake Park. These sprawling green spaces provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities and leisurely strolls.

Now that you have a glimpse of what Columbia, Missouri has to offer, get ready to be pleasantly surprised by all the unexpected experiences and hidden gems that await you in this vibrant Midwest city!

Things to Do in Columbia Mo: Uncover the Hidden Gems


Frequently Asked Questions On Things To Do In Columbia Mo

Is Columbia Missouri Worth Visiting?

Columbia, Missouri is worth visiting for its classic beauty, college town charm, and proximity to Kansas City. Enjoy attractions like Stephens Lake Park, Shelter Gardens, and the University of Missouri. Explore the local art scene, visit the Columbia Mall, or relax at a brewery or movie theater.

Discover the beauty and charm of “CoMo” on a weekend trip.

Does Columbia Missouri Have A Zoo?

Yes, Columbia, Missouri has a zoo. It is called the JMS Zoo and more information can be found on their Facebook page.

What Is An Interesting Fact About Columbia Missouri?

Columbia, Missouri is known as the “Athens of Missouri” for its classic beauty and college town roots. It’s a perfect weekend trip destination, just a two-hour drive from Kansas City. Locals affectionately call it “CoMo. “

What Is The History Of Columbia Mo?

Columbia MO’s history is rich and diverse. It was founded in 1821 as Smithton, then renamed Columbia in 1826. It is home to the University of Missouri, established in 1839, which has played a significant role in the city’s development.

Columbia has a vibrant arts and culture scene, beautiful parks, and a mix of architectural styles that reflect its historical roots.


Columbia, Missouri offers a wide range of activities and attractions that cater to all interests. With its natural beauty, vibrant arts scene, and rich history, Columbia is a city worth visiting. Whether you’re exploring the stunning Stephens Lake Park, enjoying live music at The Blue Note, or immersing yourself in the art at the Museum of Art and Archaeology, there’s something for everyone in Columbia.

Don’t miss out on the unique experiences this city has to offer. Plan your trip to Columbia, Missouri today and discover all the unexpected treasures it holds.


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