Things to Do in Bakersfield: Top Attractions & Hidden Gems

Things to Do in Bakersfield

Explore the Kern County Museum and enjoy outdoor fun at Hart Park in Bakersfield. Savor local flavors at the bustling Farmers Markets.

Bakersfield beckons as a vibrant hub in California’s Central Valley, offering a rich blend of cultural experiences and outdoor activities that cater to all ages. Visitors can dive into the city’s history and innovation at the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History.

Music enthusiasts will appreciate the legendary Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace, a monument to the city’s country music heritage. Sports fans are not left out, with ample opportunities to catch a live game at Mechanics Bank Arena. Bakersfield’s thriving arts scene, showcased at local galleries and theatres, perfectly complements the scenic nature trails and parks, making it a diverse destination for travelers seeking both entertainment and relaxation.

Uncovering Bakersfield’s Local Flavor

Explore Bakersfield’s vibrant scene through its unique activities and attractions. Delve into the heart of the city’s culture by sampling local cuisine, visiting historical sites, and enjoying live entertainment for an authentic Bakersfield experience.

Sampling Authentic Basque Cuisine

Discovering The Vibrant Arts Scene

Exploring The Agricultural Treasures At Local Farmers’ Markets

Unearthing Bakersfield’s Historical Charm

Explore the rich tapestry of Bakersfield’s history as you embark on a journey through its charming downtown. Delight in unique cultural attractions and local haunts that paint a vivid picture of the city’s past.

Visiting The Famous Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace

Exploring The Kern County Museum’s Rich Exhibits

  • Pioneer Village: A collection of over 50 historic structures that tell the story of the region’s early settlers.
  • Black Gold: An exhibit detailing the oil boom that reshaped the landscape and economy of Kern County.
  • Hands-on History: Interactive areas designed to engage young visitors and bring historical events to life.

Discovering The Hidden Historical Gems of the Beaten Path

Bakersfield harbors several lesser-known sites of historical significance for those willing to explore beyond the main attractions. These hidden gems reveal layers of the city’s past, offering unique experiences such as:

  1. The Beale Memorial Clock Tower is a venerable timepiece with an intriguing history of resilience and community spirit.
  2. Old Town Kern, showcases the multicultural influences that contributed to the city’s development.
  3. The Metropolitan Recreational Area, boasts structures and landscapes reminiscent of Bakersfield’s agricultural heritage.

Oftentimes tucked away in quiet neighborhoods or standing solemnly in public areas, these sites invite a sense of discovery and appreciation for Bakersfield’s diverse narrative.

Natural Wonders Of Bakersfield

Bakersfield, California, isn’t just a hub of agriculture and oil production; it’s also a treasure trove of natural beauty. With picturesque landscapes and abundant wildlife, this city offers nature lovers a plethora of outdoor experiences. Discover the serenity of Bakersfield’s natural attractions through these engaging activities.

Enjoying Outdoor Activities At The Scenic Riverwalk Park

  • Picnicking under the shade of towering trees
  • Jogging along the park’s well-maintained paths
  • Canoeing and kayaking in the gentle waters of the Kern River
  • Live music and community events at the outdoor amphitheater

Bring your binoculars for bird watching or simply enjoy the tranquil environment as you relax by the water’s edge.

Hiking And Wildlife Spotting At The Kern River Parkway Trail

  1. Over 30 miles of pathways are ideal for hiking, biking, and running.
  2. Opportunities to spot local wildlife like rabbits, hawks, and sometimes even deer.
  3. Panoramic views of the river, are perfect for photographers and nature enthusiasts.

Catering to all levels of hikers, the Kern River Parkway Trail provides a safe way to explore the natural landscapes of Bakersfield.

Unwinding Amidst The Serene Beauty Of The Bluffs

Activity Description
Sunset watching Marvel at the dramatic colors dancing across the sky.
Photography Capture the breathtaking views of the valley below.
Walking Stroll along the trails for a relaxing end to your day.

Whether you’re unwinding after work or seeking a quiet spot for contemplation, The Bluffs provide an oasis within the cityscape.

Things to Do in Bakersfield: Top Attractions & Hidden Gems


Bakersfield’s Unique Entertainment Scene

Discover Bakersfield’s vibrant entertainment scene, a hidden gem offering eclectic music venues, lively festivals, and unique cultural hotspots. Uncover varied attractions, from local theater performances to breathtaking outdoor concerts, ensuring entertainment seekers always find something to intrigue and delight.

Soaking in the live music at popular local venues

Soaking In The Live Music At Popular Local Venues

  • Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace: Known for its authentic country music concerts and mouthwatering cuisine.
  • Fox Theater: Offers a mix of musical genres in a historical setting.
  • 1933 Event Center: Features both local artists and national performers in a lively atmosphere.
Immersing in the local theater and performing arts culture

Immersing In The Local Theater And Performing Arts Culture

  1. Ovation Theatre: A hub for creative stage productions and local talent.
  2. Bakersfield Community Theatre: Delivers a selection of plays sure to entertain the whole family.
  3. Stars Theatre Restaurant: Combines delectable dining with engaging theatrical performances.
Experiencing the vibrant nightlife and entertainment options

Experiencing The Vibrant Nightlife And Entertainment Options

Venue Entertainment Type Atmosphere
Elements Venue Dance Club and Live Music High-Energy
Lengthwise Brewing Company Craft Beers and Live Performances Relaxed and Friendly
The Alley Cat Comedy and Acoustic Sets Cozy and Personable

Unmissable Day Trips From Bakersfield

Explore the vibrant activities Bakersfield offers by venturing on day trips that promise adventure. Discover nearby natural wonders, historic sites, and family-friendly attractions, all within a short drive from the city.

Sequoia National Forest

Exploring The Breathtaking Landscapes Of Sequoia National Forest

  • Trail of 100 Giants: Marvel at ancient sequoias.
  • Lake Isabella: Enjoy water activities or lakeside picnics.
  • Dome Rock: Perfect for panoramic photography.
Red Rock Canyon State Park

Uncovering The Geological Wonders Of Red Rock Canyon State Park

  1. Explore scenic cliffs and rock formations.
  2. Visit Ricardo Campground’s visitor center.
  3. Capture the sunset’s transformative colors on the rocks.
Historic town of Kernville

Venturing Into The Historic Town Of Kernville For Outdoor Adventures

Activity Description
Rafting Navigate the rapids of the Kern River.
Historical Sites Visit the Kern Valley Museum.
Trails Hike or bike among majestic scenery.

Frequently Asked Questions On Things To Do In Bakersfield

What Is Bakersfield Best Known For?

Bakersfield is best known for its rich oil fields, vibrant agricultural sector, and distinctive Bakersfield Sound in country music.

What Is There To Do In Bakersfield Right Now?

Explore the Kern County Museum, catch a show at the Fox Theater, or stroll through Hart Park. Enjoy a live performance at the Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame, or visit the California Area Living Museum (CALM).

Is It Worth Visiting Bakersfield?

Yes, Bakersfield is worth visiting for its unique blend of arts, culture, and outdoor activities, including the famous Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace and Kern River Parkway.

What Is Bakersfield Known For Food?

Bakersfield is renowned for its Basque cuisine, featuring hearty meals like oxtail soup and lamb stew. The city also popularized the unique Bakersfield-style sound in country music.


Exploring Bakersfield offers a charming blend of cultural richness and outdoor fun. From local eateries to scenic parks, there’s an activity for every traveler. Wind up your visit with these memorable experiences, ensuring your trip is as vibrant and diverse as the city itself.

Farewell, Bakersfield – until next time!


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