How to travel in switzerland

how to travel in Switzerland

Switzerland is located in the center of Europe, and although it is not a country that imposes by its earthly width. It does not stop imposing to be in contact with 5 different countries, sharing borders and languages. Here, we are going to tell how to travel in switzerland

The country in which Heidi grew up, is famous for such a long list of options that make it necessary some advice for all those who have in mind to travel to the paradise of chocolate and cheese, the hospitality and thermal centers and famous for its watches, its imposing mountains, the Alps, offering a diverse tourism, whether leisure, business, relaxing, family or a romantic getaway. Keep reading: 11 PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF TRAVEL

How to travel in Switzerland?

how to travel in Switzerland

Europeans with stays of less than 3 months, you only need your National Identity Document (DNI) or your passport.

Check the dates of validity of the same, taking into account that the date does not expire during your stay in Switzerland and make two copies for any emergency situation such as theft or loss.

Europeans with stays longer than 3 months, in this case, if you were for work reasons, in addition to the above, you must carry something that proves that you are going to work, such as the contract. If you go as a student, the University admission letter.

Passport and visas

In this topic, you have to make several nuances. Beginning with your origin and ending for the period of time that you are going to be in Switzerland.

Switzerland does not belong to the EU, but it is considered a European country thanks to an agreement signed with the European Union that facilitates the laws on residence permits, among other things.

This does not benefit countries that do not belong to the EU, but more papers and documents are needed for those who have other nationalities.

Swiss roads and circulation with own vehicle

how to travel in Switzerland

Keep in mind that driving in Switzerland is not the same as driving in Spain. Not in terms of speed, which remains the same, as a general rule.

What changes are some details that should be known if you do not want to end up on the opposite side of the one you intended to go to.

Tolls: In Switzerland, there are no tolls, as in Spain. It is important to know that what is used is the Swiss Highway Vignette, this is a sticker that is bought at gas stations, mail or at the border and is annual. Its price is € 30 and is placed on the glass of the car as the typical ITV sticker that we have in Spain. With this, you can circulate throughout Switzerland without paying more than once a year.

Posters of the highway: The fundamental difference and that you have to be very clear, is that the posters in relation to the highways are green. This calls a lot of attention because those that indicate national roads will be blue.

Winter wheels and / or chains: it is very useful and necessary advice to use chains in vehicles and not only chains. If we take our own vehicle, we will have to check if it has winter wheels, because they are obligatory, and necessary if you are going to climb a mountain pass and in the middle of winter, when the snow covers the entire road in a matter of minutes.

Swiss francs

Switzerland is a country that does not belong to the EU, but being in the middle of it, it admits the payment in Euros, although it is true, not in all the places it is very funny, and yes, they will return you in Swiss Francs.

So the currency of Switzerland is the Swiss Franc (CHF) and today, the change in euros is: 1 € = 1.6122 CHF

How the Euro, the franc’s find them in currencies up to 5 CHF (3.1011 €) and tickets up to 1000CHF (€ 620.0335).

Swiss Francs

Climate, nature, flora, and faunahow to travel in Switzerland


One of the most spectacular things in Switzerland is its flora and fauna. This allows you to squeeze all the varieties that Switzerland offers you, just to give some examples, we go from winter tourism, enjoying the best snow in the most important mountain chain in the world, the Alps, going to summer tourism, walking through the same colored mountains in all shades of green.

It is unimaginable the number of greens that can come to exist, and more incredible is how the same landscape can change so much from summer to winter. That’s why Switzerland is not exhausted.

The climate of Switzerland is submissive to the Alps, so in the most mountainous areas, the climate will be characterized by snow, rain and cold, especially abundant in the spring and autumn.

Winter is an excellent time to enjoy skiing, while during the summer, the weather is great, enjoying an ideal, medium temperature, not too hot, not too cold, which allows you to visit the cities without umbrellas and coats in winter and without a constant bottle of water in summer, preventing sunstroke.

The AlpsIt is one of the most famous mountain ranges in the world. For ski lovers, it offers a number of stations and a lot of skiing kilometers, for those who love hiking, more of the same, but (advisably) better without snow, for those who love adrenaline, paragliding, bungee jumping, travel in a balloon and other adventures.


Switzerland has 5 airports, two of them international:

how to travel in Switzerland

Geneva International Airport: Located a few kilometers from the city center, and in the French part of Switzerland. This airport also offers the possibility of special prices with some neighboring hotels, for those nights that you have to spend waiting for your flight.

Zurich International Airport: It is the largest airport in all of Switzerland, and is located in Kloten, on the German side.

Basel-Mulhouse Airport: Located in the southern part of Alsace, in France. It is a border airport between France and Switzerland.

Bern Airport: Located in Bern.

Lugano Airport: Located in the Italian part, in Lugano.

Cheap flights to Switzerland

Because of the situation that Switzerland occupies in the center of Europe, the 5 airports that are usually in constant movement, in addition to its reputation as a nerve center in the hotel trade, Switzerland attracts a lot of tourism both winter and summer, both sports, as of leisure, even therapeutic, with its hundreds of spas and spas, it is not surprising that abound the companies of cheap flights. You may also like:

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