Visit Dundalk, the beautiful, Irish county town on the banks of the Castletown River.

Midway between Belfast and Dublin is the beautiful Irish county town of Dundalk, situated on the banks of the mighty Castletown River, it lies close to the border with Northern Ireland. Engulfed in history and with the motto (in the traditional Irish language), “Me do rug Cu Chulainn croga” meaning, “I gave birth to brave” its little surprise that the myth and legend of Cu Chulainn the Warrior are rife here.

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Dundalk has a thriving community of over thirty-nine thousand residents, probably working in one of the several successful industries there, including, tobacco, textile, engineering, brewing, and distilling. To search for property in the area if you decide to move there, use your new mobile phone purchased from a company such as Vodafone Dundalk.  Check several websites before making a decision on a new phone and contract at sites like  Dundalk also boasts a very successful football team, that plays their home matches at Oriel Park, they are in the League of Ireland Premier Division.  If you are more of a rugby fan, then supporting the amateur Irish rugby club at the Mill Road ground, could be more up your street. Dundalk R.F.C are strong contenders in division 1a of the Leinster league.

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Holding both greyhound and horse racing events, the Dundalk Stadium boasts the first all-weather track in Ireland. Several golf courses can be found around the area with the biggest located at Blackrock.

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